Date Speaker  Location Title

Sept 2

Aaron Grusonik

Trap 301

"Campus Violence and the Profile of a Shooter"

Sept 9

Ralph Barnes

Trap 301

“Recall in Asocial and Social Contexts”

Sept 16

Summer Whillock

Trap 301

“The Role of Unconscious Thought in Threatening Situations”

Sept 23

Jessi Smith

Trap 301

“Unleashing the Transformational Power of Social Psychology:  Understanding and Changing the Hegemonic Culture of Science While on Sabbatical.”

Sept 30

Kalli Decker

Trap 301

Guest from the Department of Health and Human Development

Oct 7

Jesse Bengson

Gaines 243

Assistant Professor of Psychology at Sonoma State University--will present a talk entitled: "The Flavor of Free Will"

Oct 14

Prasanta Bandyopadhyay

Trap 301

Professor from the Department of History & Philosophy will present: "Experiments on Simpson's Paradox"

Oct 21

Trevor Pust

Trap 301

“Social Contagion and the Intrinsic Self”

Oct 28

Beth Larson

Trap 301


Nov 4

Reema Najjar

Trap 301

“The Evocative Effect of Children's Cortisol on Intrusive Parenting”

Nov 11



No Classes

Nov 18

 Julie Gameon

Trap 301

“Unwanted sexual experiences, sexual assault, and healing: An examination of risk and protective factors to inform prevention programs.”

Nov 25



No Classes

Dec 2

Mara Canen

Trap 301

"Surgency in preschoolers predicting negative behavioral outcomes later in life”

Dec 9 Michelle Meade Trap 301 “Current Directions in Social Memory”