Research Assistantships

The Initiative provides funding for annual, renewable research assistantships for graduate students admitted into the Masters of Science in Applied Economics program in the Colleges of Agriculture and of Letters and Sciences.

Graduate Research Travel Awards

Graduate Research Travel Awards are available for projects relevant to the Initiative's mission. Travel awards will be awarded on an ongoing basis. Funding is limited to support travel to attend a high-quality regional or national academic conference at which the student presents the results of the research project. Awards will not exceed $2,000 and matching funds may be required.

It is expected that faculty awarded research grants and fellowships by the initiative will include travel for graduate students in their grant budget rather than applying for funds via this program.

Application process: An application must be made by a tenured/tenure-track member of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics (DAEE) faculty on behalf of the graduate student. The application should include:

  • A brief description of the research project (no more than 400 words), including a clear statement of the relevance of the project to the mission of the initiative.
  • A brief description of the nature of the travel and its relevance to the research project, including a description of the conference, travel dates, and an anticipated travel budget.
  • A brief statement of the expected outcomes of the project (no more than 150 words), including the journal(s) to which the student's research project will be submitted and anticipated submission date.
  • The student’s graduate academic transcript.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Vince Smith (994-5615, or Dr. Wendy Stock, (994-7984, if you have questions about the travel awards.

Proposal Review: Proposals will be reviewed by the initiative's co-directors and members of the DAEE Graduate Affairs Committee. Decisions will be announced as soon as possible after proposal submission.