We provide funding for research scholarships for undergraduate students from a wide range of disciplines who participate in faculty-led research projects that address issues relevant to our mission. Undergraduate Research Scholarships are awarded on a semester-by-semester or academic year basis for research to be carried out in the fall and spring semesters.  A small number of awards are also available to provide support for students involved in research over the summer. Depending on funding availability, additional support may be provided to enable a student to attend a regional or national conference at which the student presents the results of the sponsored research project.

 Application closed for the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

Please check back in December 2017 for the new application cycle.



Student Research Faculty
Andrea Creel

“Analyzing the Impact of GDL Laws on Youth Employment and Risk Behaviors” 

Andrea is a junior majoring in economics with a minor in computer science. Her summer research examined whether Graduated Drivers Licensing (GDL) programs have effects on teenage Labor Force Participation Rates (LFPR)s due to the restrictions they impose on teenage mobility.

Gregory Gilpin
Grace Dikeman 

 “Alternative Crop Insurance Subsidy Structures with WTO-compliance considerations”

Grace is a junior majoring in economics with a minor in business administration.

Anton Bekkerman & Gregory Gilpin
Tanner Edward 

 "What SOX should a bank be wearing? The Differential Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on Small, Medium and Large Banks”

Tanner is a junior majoring in accounting. His research will examine the impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) on the performance of banking institutions, presents an opportunity to understand how major regulation affects short- and long-term performance of banks across size and ownership structure.

Gary Caton, Edward Gamble, & Frank Kerins
Micah McFelly 

 “A Review of Mental Health Service Policy and Delivery in U.S. Higher Education Institutions”

Micah is a junior double majoring in economics and community health. His research project aims to compile a comprehensive literature review on the practices and services that higher education institutions in the U.S. use to address student mental health in the campus environment. This review will also include an inventory of potential data sources that could facilitate further research and analysis regarding mental health services and outcomes in higher education.

Wendy Stock
Athena Erickson  Athena is an economics major in the MSU Honors Program. Her research project will extend recent empirical research on US food aid policy to account for the efficiency of different categories of non-government agencies in providing emergency food aid in the context of alternative regulatory requirements. These include the current monetization requirement for approximately 20 percent of all food aid outlays and the impact of current sourcing requirements for food aid as opposed to more flexible local and regional sourcing policies. Vincent Smith

 "Investigating the Effect of GDL Laws on Risk Behaviors"

Faisal is majoring in finance, mathematics, and finance. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one third of U.S. drivers aged 16 to 17 years are victims of fatal crashes between 2009-2014. The crashes result from high risk behavior such as speeding, drinking and driving, and having other youths in the motor vehicle.  Faisal will research will examine Graduated Drivers Licensing (GDL) and time spent with a responsible adult as a possible source to reducing risky behavior among youth in the US. 

 Greg Gilpin
Madeline Demaske

“Alternative Crop Insurance Subsidy Structures with WTO-compliance considerations”
Madeline is a senior double majoring in Agribusiness Management and Applied Economics.  Her research will examine the relationship between trade regulations made between members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and domestic agricultural support programs in the United States.  This research will provide an overview of existing regulations, review conflicts between trade commitments and current and past US domestic agricultural support programs, and assess future avenues of domestic support programs that are in full compliance with WTO commitments.

Eric Belasco

Alec Dinerstein

“Research on the History and Current State of Special Education Funding Laws in the US” 
Alec is a junior majoring in Physics and minoring in Economics.  His research will examine the history and current state of special education funding laws in the US at the federal and state level.  This research will create a timeline and a machine-readable data set summarizing how the landscape of legislation, focused on the welfare of special needs students, has changed over time.  These findings will be incorporated into research, currently being conducted on the impacts of ADHD diagnoses on educational outcomes.

Wendy Stock

“Impact of Dodd‐Frank on Mortgage Delinquency Rates for Large‐, Medium‐, and Small‐Size Banks”
Tyler is a senior majoring in Business Finance with a focus on Economics.  His research will test to see if the passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (DF) has affected mortgage delinquency rates for the largest one-hundred banks as well as one-hundred banks not amongst the largest ranked by assets.  Using ordinary least squares regression, the relationship between mortgage delinquency rates, Dodd-Frank, and bank size will be examined.  Additional parameters such as LIBOR, Unemployment Rate, and GDP growth will also be considered.

Frank Kerins  & Gary Caton

Colburn Field

“An Exploration into the contradictory definitions of “Good Farming Practices” across U.S. Government Agencies”
Colburn is a senior double majoring in Agribusiness Management and Economics.  His research will examine the conflict between conservation practices and mandates enforced by the Risk Management Agency of the USDA. It will also work to identify the primary practices within this conflict and the barriers to information being included in the good farming practices.  In order to look at this conflict, the research will focus on understanding the definitions used by the Risk Management agency to define ‘good farming practices’ and how those definitions relate to those used by other federal agencies.


Eric Belasco 

“Research on the History and Current State of Regulations on Marketing Psychiatric Pharmaceuticals in the U.S.”
Allie is a junior majoring in Marketing and minoring in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.  Her research will generate a history and provide an overview of laws regarding pharmaceutical marketing of psychiatric drugs in the United States, with focus on drugs for treating ADHD. This research will describe the current state of laws at the state and federal levels and will summarize the progression of these laws over time.

Wendy Stock
 Austin Larson  “The Effect of Labor Market Regulatory Policy on Nascent Entrepreneurship”

Austin is a junior majoring in Business Marketing. He also has an Associate’s Degree in Aviation. His research will investigate the link between growth of nascent entrepreneurial firms and state minimum wage policies, subminimum wage provisions, and exemptions for small businesses.  Different types of entrepreneurship and different minimum wage levels and conditions will be examined in search of relationships and impacts on economic growth.

Agnieszka Kwapisz
 Dan Penoyer  “The Impact of Biofilm Regulatory Policy on the Development of Healthcare-Related Products”

Dan is a junior double majoring in Business Finance and Economics.  His research will evaluate the change over time in the number of US Patents that include the term ‘biofilm’ in the title, abstract, or claims in order to better understand the relative prevalence of the development of biofilm-related medical technology.  This process will include trying to identify which of these new patents are specifically for technologies that may have medical applications that would be regulated by the FDA.

Paul Sturman  & Frank Kerins


“Research on the Effects of Early Gun Regulations”
Alex is a junior majoring in Finance with a minor in Economics. His research will create a unique dataset on gun-related accidents, suicides, and homicides during the early to mid-1900s to estimate the effect of some of the earliest efforts to require permits to purchase and possess handguns.  The dataset will be created using historical mortality records from the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention that will be divided by state and year (and city where available) and will then be used in a difference in difference approach to compare gun-related mortality outcome before and after these laws were implemented.

Isaac Swensen
John Walker   “The Effects of Regulations on the Commercial Fertilizer Industry”

John is a senior majoring in Agricultural Business.  His research will examine the regulatory environment of the natural gas and fertilizer industries and empirically investigate the extent to which this regulatory structure has affected the efficiency of information transmission in fertilizer markets.  He will also investigate the degree to which uncertainty has influenced our ability to predict fertilizer prices and evaluate the extent to which agricultural production costs are affected by natural gas and fertilizer industry regulations.

 Gary Brester


Applications for undergraduate research scholarships must be made by a tenured/tenure-track member of the MSU-Bozeman faculty on behalf of the undergraduate student. In addition to their research activity, recipients of Undergraduate Research Scholarship Awards are expected to participate in up to two lunchtime brownbag seminars during the semester. The seminars will enable students to share their research and get feedback from peers and faculty researchers. Requests for proposals  are typically announced in late-fall (for spring and summer scholarships) and mid-late spring/early fall (for fall and academic year scholarships).