History and Overview:

Montana State University (MSU) is updating its database for students and employees to allow for the use of a chosen name. During Phase One, MSU did a thorough review of their integrated systems to assess their current capacity to integrate a chosen name into these systems. As we begin Phase Two, we are looking for students who would like to assist MSU in a pilot project to test the chosen name option.

MSU will be looking at how the systems auto update, if the auto update results in information reverting back to a legal name, and how processes that require a legal name interact with a chosen name field in our systems. The goal is to find glitches, streamline processes, and develop an accessible system for students and employees to integrate a chosen name into their campus identity.

Participant Eligibility and Expectations:

  • Priority for participation in Phase Two will be students who are (a) currently enrolled students at the MSU-Bozeman campus only and (b) whose right to use a chosen name is protected under state and/or federal civil rights law.
  • We cannot guarantee that all applicants will be accepted to participate in this pilot.
  • During Phase Two, individuals who are benefits eligible employees and also enrolled as students are not eligible for this pilot program.
  • It is expected that any student who participates is using a chosen name as a sincerely held belief and not for the purpose of misrepresentation.
  • There may be times when a participant’s legal name is used instead of their chosen name due to system glitches or unexpected issues.
  • A participant’s legal name may be viewable to MSU employees.
  • A participant may be asked to test certain functions (such as requesting a transcript) so that we can test a system for glitches to correct.
  • A participant will be asked to complete surveys and provide feedback to ensure the process has the highest levels of privacy and respect possible.
  • Participants must agree to the terms and conditions of the pilot to be eligible to participate.

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