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Graduation: Resources & Process


For program requirements and policies pertinent to the catalog of graduation, visit the link and select the appropriate year of the catalog


DegreeWorks is an electronic degree audit, academic advising, and enrollment planning tool for students and faculty, and is not an official academic record.

Log into DegreeWorks through MyInfo

Graduation Application Forms

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Dot Second Major

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Find all information for the upcoming commencement ceremony. Students must use this page to indicate if they are planning on walking in the ceremony and which one they will attend.

Important Dates

Graduation Applications must be submitted by the following dates:

  • October 1st for Spring Graduation, submitted the preceeding Fall semester
  • March 1st for Summer or Fall Graduation, submitted the preceeding Spring semester

Curriculum Codes

Use the codes provided to complete Applications for Degrees and Second Majors, or to determine a student's major as listed on a class roll or roster. The codes are subject to change, but if there is an error or if there seems to be a code missing, please contact the Registrar's Office at

Dot Undergraduate Curriculum Codes

Dot Graduate Curriculum Codes

Process Overview


  1. Create a plan in DegreeWorks for the final semester based on the appropriate "Final Semester" template
  2. Schedule an appointment with the advisor associated with each plan
  3. As the advisor reviews the plan, complete the Application paperwork associated with that plan
  4. Submit the Graduation Application to the Certifying Officer by the dates listed above
  5. Complete the courses listed on the plan


  1. Meet with the student to review the final semester plan in DegreeWorks
  2. After reviewing the plan, set the plan to Active and Locked
  3. Initial & sign the Application paperwork
  4. Submit the Graduation Application to the Certifying Officer

Certifying Officers

  1. Review the final semester plan in DegreeWorks
  2. Compelte the Graduation Application
  3. Ensure the Graduation Application is submitted to the Registrar's Office

Fee and Holds

Information about fees and holds associated with graduating coming soon

Distinction between Second Degree and Second Major

A 2nd Major must meet all departmental requirements for the major. Core completion for one major satisfies Core for all additional majors. Completion of an additional major is indicated on transcripts; diplomas list only the primary major.

A 2nd Degree requires 30 additional, unique credits, and nine additional, unique, upper-division credits. Core completion for a first degree satisfies Core for all additional degrees. Additional degrees are indicated on transcripts, and each degree is awarded an individual diploma.

Graduating under a Catalog prior to 2010-2012

The process outlined above is effective for students in the 2010-2012 catalog and newer. For students in a prior catalog, the previous process must still be followed

Explanation and forms related to old process coming soon


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