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    Registration Handbooks

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              Dot  Spring 2016 Registration Handbook

              Dot  Fall 2016 Registration Handbook



    CatCourse & DegreeWorks

          Dot  CatCourse: Complete Instructions

CatCourse is MSU's tool for creating a personalized course schedule.

          Dot  CatCourse: Adding & Dropping Courses

Detailed instructions for adding or dropping courses using CatCourse.

          Dot  DegreeWorks: Templates

Detailed instructions for using DegreeWorks Plans from Templates. Templates are for use when a major at MSU is selected and the student wishes to import the 4-year degree program for that major into their Plan.

          Dot  DegreeWorks: Blank Plans

Detailed instructions for using DegreeWorks Plans without a Template. Use Blank Plans if a degree program is not yet selected or if you wish to Plan for one term at a time without a 4-year Template.


 Dot  Mathematics Prerequisites Flowchart

  • Effective beginning Summer 2015