If you attended Montana State University after 1989 you have access to MyInfoMyInfo allows access to personal information such as transcripts, class schedules, grades, financial aid packages, and pay stubs.  You may access MyInfo from anywhere and at any time, even if you are no longer a student at MSU.   

If you do not remember your student ID number you may use your Social Security Number (entered with no dashes) as your User ID.  If you have not logged in to MyInfo before your PIN will be your birth date in the format of DDmonYEAR (ex. 23apr1989).  Then you will be able to create a new PIN.  Pay close attention to the criteria for creating a new PIN. 

If you have logged into MyInfo before, but can’t remember your PIN, just enter your User ID (leaving the PIN field blank) and click Forgot PIN.  This will bring up a couple of security questions you set up in the past.  Answering these questions correctly will allow you to create a new PIN.  Pay close attention to the criteria for creating a new PIN. 

  • You may change your security questions or PIN at any time under the ‘Personal Information’ tab. 
  • Please take a moment to update your email and mailing addresses and telephone number. 

If you still need assistance after completing these steps, please see the instructions below:


1. Go directly to MyInfo or click on MyInfo from the MSU-Bozeman Student page.

Enter Secure Area

Enter User Credentials

Click Forgot Pin

Answer Security Question

Answer Second Security Question

Enter new Pin

MyInfo Home Page

If you are still having difficulty logging in to MyInfo please contact the Office of the Registrar at (406) 994-6650 or registrar@montana.edu