Terms and Conditions

  • Dropping or adding a course could have significant impact on your bill and financial aid, please contact the Student Accounts or Financial Aid office if you have questions.
  • Approval from the Academic Advisor needed if adding after the 5th semester day or dropping after the 10th semester day.
  • Approval from the Assistant College Dean or Graduate School Dean needed if adding after the 10th semester day or dropping after the withdrawal deadline for extraordinary reasons only. Graduate students, go to the Graduate School. 
  • Student athletes must have an athletic Academic Coordinator’s approval.
  • Students using Veteran benefits must have the Veteran’s Services Coordinator approval.

Your request will not be processed without emailed approval from neccessary parties. Please be prepared to upload copies of emailed consent upon submission of your Add or Drop form. 

Upon submitting a request, please allow 3 business days for processing, and view changes in your MyInfo account.