Disclosure:  The approval and subsequent movement of any course is pending the completion of NAH, which is scheduled to open for courses in Spring 2019. Courses will remain scheduled in alternative locations until final approval to occupy NAH is received. 


The Office of the Registrar is now accepting requests from instructors who wish to teach in NAH in Spring 2019.  Priority will be given to those who demonstrate an expected enrollment for Spring 2019 that would result in a fill-rate between 85% and 100%. The intention is to maximize fill-rate without creating registration bottlenecks.  Additional consideration may be granted to facilitate proximity to labs and offices. Please consider historic and projected fill rates available via Ad Astra Analytics to support projections.

Please plan to offer courses at their current scheduled time block so as to avoid inadvertently creating conflicts by moving section times when migrating to NAH. In order to maximize utilization, all course must be offered during standard meeting patterns.


Available Rooms

NAH 165

This classroom is designed “in the round” with multiple projectors.  Faculty should be prepared to adjust to this teaching environment.  Upon approval to be scheduled in the room, faculty should plan to attend a Center for Faculty Excellence training in Fall 2018.  Presenters at the training will have experience in speaking to very large groups of individuals and include individuals from outside the University.

NAH 165 
 NAH 153 and 149
These classrooms will feature a Flex-Learning environment with movable furniture to facilitate group work or traditional lecture and meet all MSU classroom design standards. Upon approval to teach in this room, instructors will be requested to attend additional training pertaining to teaching in an innovative space.
NAH 153
NAH 149
NAH 137 
This is a large 3-tiered classroom that meets all current MSU classroom design standards.
NAH 137 


The Norm Asbjornson Hall room request form will be available November, 2018.