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Thomas J. McCoy, PhD

Spring 2011 Scholarship & Creativity Grant Recipients

Applicant Department Title of Project
Bandyopadhyay, Prasanta History & Philosophy Simpson's Paradox, Causality, and Statistical Inference
DeWeese, Josh Art International Wild Clay Research Project
Dunlop, Catherine History & Philosophy Borderland Cartographies
Fisher, Jr., John W. Sociology & Anthropology Archaeological Research in South Africa
Gaines, Philip English The Development of 19th Century English Trial Advocacy
Kollin, Susan English Problems in American Orientalism
Mast, Sara Art Following the Thread: Mapping the Inventive Mind
Meyer, James History & Philosophy Homeland in the Tsar's Domains
Minton, Gretchen English Critical Edition of Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida
Parker, David Political Science Losing: When Incumbencies Fail
Petrone, Robert English Shreddin' It Up: Re-thinking "Adolescence"
Ricciardelli, Lucia Film and Photography Raising Sociopolitical Awareness
Scott, Joshua Barton History & Philosophy A Peculiar History of Modern Priestcraft
Simpson, Patricia Anne MLL/CLS Cultural Unions: Europeanizing Identities in Postwar Eras
Smith, Billy History & Philosophy Mapping & Walking America's First City
Thompson, John Patrick MLL Galiza's Emerging Memory Map of Anti-Fascist Monuments