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2004 Awards

Faculty awards

Cox Family Awards for Creative Scholarship and Teaching
Sharon Beehler, English; Bonita Peterson, accounting; and Aleksander Rebane, physics.
Charles and Nora L. Wiley Faculty Award for Meritorious Research and Creativity
Yves Idzerda, physics, and Joanne Erickson, education.
James and Mary Ross Provost's Award for Excellence
John Brittingham, architecture.
MSU Excellence in Outreach Award
Bob Gough, plant sciences and plant pathology, and Joel Jahnke, media and theatre arts.
Provost's Award for Undergraduate Research/Creativity Mentoring
Philip Stewart, engineering and deputy director of the MSU Center for Biofilm Engineering.
The Meritorious Technology/Science Award
Gary Strobel, plant sciences and plant pathology.
President's Excellence in Teaching Award
Stephan Custer, geology; Yuka Hara, modern languages; Bok Sowell, animal and range sciences.
Betty Coffey Award
Christian Sarver, director of the Victim Options in the Campus Environment Center.
Frank J. Malina Astronautics Medal
William Hiscock, physics.
NSF Advance Fellows
Linda Young, agricultural economics / economics, and Sarah Codd, chemical engineering.
NSF Faculty Early Career Development
James Becker, electrical and computer engineering, and Joe Seymour, chemical engineering.
Anna K. Fridley Excellence in Teaching Award
Ann de Onis, education.

Student awards

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
Jay Stringer of Helena, biochemistry; Angela "Angie" Kimmel of Seeley Lake, computer science and electrical engineering.
Phi Kappa Phi
John Anthony Cookson Jr. of Butte, economics and University Honors Program, received the Phi Kappa Phi graduate fellowship. Kathryn Conner of Great Falls, English, was named the Phi Kappa Phi outstanding senior.
Alpha Lambda Delta Graduate Fellowship
Ingrid Schultz of Helena, cell biology, and John Anthony Cookson Jr. of Butte, economics.
Foundation's Graduate Achievement Awards
Donna Garton of Bozeman, Ph.D. in chemistry and biochemistry. Brian Still Smoking of Browning, master's in architecture. Alice Whiteman of Helena and Lame Deer, master's in public administration, outstanding Native American graduate.
NSF Graduate Fellowship
Cory Rupp of Billings, mechanical engineering.
NASA Graduate Student Researchers Fellowship
Mike Obland of Colstrip, physics.
Advanced Light Source Doctoral Fellowship
Johnathon Holroyd of Bend, Ore., physics.

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