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Discovery DiscoveryNovember 2000
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By Richard L. Jachowski

The Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center of the U.S. Geological Survey conducts integrated, interdisciplinary research in support of natural resource management in the Northern Rocky Mountains. We are based at MSU-Bozeman, with field stations at West Glacier and Missoula. Our Center represents a new approach by USGS to strengthen the integration of its science. Each of the four divisions of USGS is involved in the work of the Center, including the Biological Resources Division, Geologic Division, National Mapping Division, and Water Resources Division. This interdisciplinary approach is enhanced by close working relationships with faculty of MSU and other scientists in the region.

Current information about our Center, its staff, and scientific ventures can be found on our web site at Our strategic objectives are to:

  • Provide a focus for planning and conducting USGS science activities in the Northern Rocky Mountains
  • Involve scientists from all USGS divisions in integrated, interdisciplinary research and development,
  • Develop and maintain productive working relationships with natural resource management agencies in the region to ensure the relevance of our work, and
  • Develop and maintain active professional collaboration with academic institutions and other scientific institutions in the region.
Adjunct Scientist Program
We are launching an Adjunct Scientist Program to encourage and recognize scientific collaboration by and contributions of professional colleagues of the Center. This program is intended to offer professional benefits to collaborators and to promote integration of scientific endeavors of the Center and its partner institutions. The program is available to scientists external to the Center who are actively engaged in scientific activities with the Center, including research, development, and information transfer.

The ability of the Center to accomplish its scientific mission depends heavily on the effectiveness of collaboration by USGS scientists with scientists attached to academic institutions, Federal or state agencies, and professional organizations. The Cooperative Agreement between MSU and USGS through which Center staff are co-located on the university campus states that this arrangement is to "enhance a partnership in an integrated program on natural resources and earth sciences." Under this agreement, the USGS is to provide collaboration with MSU in developing programs and conducting studies of mutual interest. Our Adjunct Scientist Program furthers these provisions by offering recognition of collaboration by MSU scientists. For similar reasons, this program also is open to participation by scientists from other institutions and agencies. In accordance with existing Cooperative Agreements to which USGS is a party, we will provide Adjunct Scientists with access to our facilities and equipment for collaborative science, and will inform them about Center-sponsored events.

Appointments to the Adjunct Scientist Program normally are for a period of three years from the date of appointment. Appointments are renewable, subject to review by the Center Director to ensure that criteria continue to be met. Each individual participating in the Adjunct Scientist Program will receive a certificate of appointment and will be identified on the Center¹s web site. Contributions of the individual to the Center¹s scientific publications and other products will be fully acknowledged by the Center in accordance with established standards of professional ethics. If you are interested in more details about this program, please contact me at 994-5304 or by e-mail at

Richard Jachowski is the director of the Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center, located at MSU-Bozeman.



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