1. Research & Economic Development (RED) Bridge Funding Program

    Principles Applicable to the Plan:

    The purpose of bridge funding is to sustain the research programs of productive researchers through the difficult period of a funding gap in order to give the investigator an opportunity to regain extramural funding. RED will consider bridge funding requests when an investigator’s funded project has not been renewed and temporary support is needed to retain key personnel and to maintain project momentum. Bridge funds are not intended to support new projects or to be used as match.
  2. This program supports the following types of expenses: research supplies, salary for research technical personnel, travel to research sites and other items essential to sustain the research program on a short-term basis.
  3. The criteria for funding will be based on the potential for success in attracting extramural research funding to continue or extend strategic scholarly activities into the future and will be contingent upon availability of funding.
  4. Bridge funding cannot be used to support other activities.

  1. Requests must be submitted to RED through the college dean’s office and will include the following:
    • A cover page explaining the nature of the request
    • A specific outline of budgetary needs
    • A detailed list of any funds currently available to the PI, including no-cost extensions, as well as a time frame for re-submission of the research proposal
    • A list of other grant proposals submitted with timelines for possible funding
    • A letter of support from the department chair or center director and the dean as appropriate
  2. RED will review the packet once submitted and will make final decisions for funding.
  3. Faculty member will be contacted with decision as to amount and duration of funding.
  4. A separate fund/index will be established for the PI to allow tracking of expenditures.
  5. Residual balances will be returned to RED immediately upon receiving any extramural funding and is not transferrable to other faculty members.
Dated 6/12/15