Funding Opportunity Databases & Alert Services

The Pre-Award Services Office can assist faculty and graduate students in identifying possible sources of funding. These may be in the form of research grants, collaborative activities, travel, curriculum development, conference support, fellowships, post-doc positions, equipment acquisition, operating or capital expenses, and more.

Funding Opportunity Databases

A searchable database of funding opportunities via the internet is available to help identify where to submit your proposal. Access is restricted to Montana State University campuses.Note: The database is not just for scientists. It also includes funding opportunities in the areas of humanities, arts, social sciences, etc.

SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network) is a database of 40,000 funding opportunities updated daily.

Access restricted to Montana State University campuses.

SPIN, GENIUS, and SMARTS are products of a company called InfoEd International, Inc. They have developed information and management software systems and services for the R&D community for nearly 25 years.

SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network) is a database of national and international government and private funding sources that support higher education and research.

Create your faculty profile in GENIUS. Choose keywords that identify your areas of research interest, and you will receive e-mail alerts of new funding opportunities as they become available. Search the GENIUS database to identify collaborators worldwide. SPIN becomes accessible from off campus with your Username and Password.

The SPIN Reference Guide and a longer SPIN training guide (from U of No Colo) will assist you in getting up and running quickly, with just the information needed to start searching for funding opportunities and entering a GENIUS profile.

Funding Alert Services

SPIN offers funding alert services to help you target the announcements you want to receive. Please take a few minutes to create your individual faculty profiles in GENIUS . Select your research keywords, create and save searches, then sit back and wait for the funding opportunity e-mails to arrive.

For assistance, call the Office of Sponsored Programs at 994-2381.