Private Sources

Before you submit your proposal, read the following to determine your eligibility and who should administer your project. Does MSU Have Tax-Exempt Status? The answer is "no" AND "yes" -- Please read this article for clarification.

Where Do I Go? Seeking Funding from Sources outside of MSU (PDF format). This diagram can help you determine administrative responsibility for your proposal.

The following provide links to non-federal sources to help you identify a funder for your project.

The Foundation Directory Online Plus lists foundations and grants given by foundations. This online version is accessible on networked computers in the MSU Library in Bozeman only. It includes both a Foundation Database and a Grants Database. The foundations database contains a directory of the largest 10,000 foundations in the U.S. The grants database has over 500,000 grants awarded by foundations located in the United States.

The Foundation Center is your gateway to philanthropy on the World Wide Web. Click on "SearchZone" to search foundations by keyword.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is the on-line newspaper of the nonprofit world.

Visit numerous private funding sources through these direct links on the Internet.