Proposals submitted to the National Science Foundation must be submitted electronically using FastLane or  (See NSF's 2006 Implementation Strategy)  Principal Investigators must be registered FastLane users. Call your fiscal manager in the Office of Sponsored Programs in 309 Montana Hall at 994-2381 to get registered.

Please review MSU's FastLane Policies and Procedures before using FastLane. This manual will also direct you to "FastLane Proposal Preparation and Submission Guide" and NSF's "Grant Proposal Guide" on the web.

When you are submitting a proposal using FastLane, please note that the e-mail your fiscal manager in the Office of Sponsored Programs receives does not provide them with the deadline date or time information. Please notify your Fiscal Officer of the deadline so it can be met when the Office of Sponsored Programs submits the final proposal.

The Project Reports System in is used to submit required annual and final technical project reports for each NSF award and is the complete responsibility of the PI. See also: Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR).

Proposal Status in FastLane allows the PI to check on the status of either proposal or award actions at NSF.

No-cost extensions and requests for changes in project objective or scope can be processed in FastLane's Post-Award Requests and Notifications.