General Information

OSP is a service-focused central office with multiple customers, designed to allow MSU researchers the ability to truly focus on their research. 

Budget Revision Request Procedures

Budget Justification/Narrative Best Practices

Cost Overrun Procedures

Cost Share Policy

Time and Effort Distribution Reporting

Procedures for Ensuring Compliance with 2 CFR 215

Cost Transfers
Cost Transfers on OSP funds.

F&A Rate Agreement
Change in federally-negotiated F&A Rate Agreement - 44.0% (effective Sept 17, 2015). File in PDF format.

MSU's Federalwide Assurance document

OSP Expenditure Account Codes
Account Codes to be used when paying expenses and for budget preparation.

OSP Account Codes - Rollup List
Resource tool for budget preparation or reconciliation.

OSP Information Sheet
F&A (IDC), Travel and Benefit Rates, MSU ID numbers, etc., used in preparing your budget.


OSP - Fiscal Manager Departmental Responsibility
Who handles my grant? A listing of departments and the OSP Fiscal Manager assigned to each.

PI Research Guidelines (How-to-Manual) - a "Must Read" for all new Principal Investigators!
Guidelines for and requirements of Principal Investigators / Project Directors.

Research Conduct

For a primer on research ethics, such as research misconduct and conflict of interest, visit here.

Unallowable costs

F&A Tracking Procedures for Cross Departmental OSP Awards - Procedures, Report form with example