Proposal Guidance

The Information Sheet provides you with such information as Facilities and Administrative (indirect costs) rates, Travel and Benefit Rates and MSU ID numbers. These details and a budget template are useful to you when preparing your budget and/or cover pages. The How-to Manual (formerly PI Research Guidelines) is a "must read" for all new Principal Investigators! This manual includes guidelines for and requirements of Principal Investigators / Project Directors.

Most federal agencies have now transitioned to  PIs will use to find and apply for federal funding.  Read your RFP carefully to determine if your application will be submitted electronically through, another site, or by paper. 

Revising and resubmitting proposals - NCURA presentation, Nov 2011by Marjorie Piechowski, Director of Research Support, University of Wisconsin‐Milwaukee.

Unfortunately, there are many acronyms in research administration. Check here for a Glossary of Terms.

Grantseeker's Checklist