Residence Life


Housing Applications

How can I get an application and information?

Upon acceptance to the University you will be mailed a Residence Life Guide Book that will provide you information about each residence hall/living option we have available. Applications can be completed online at www.montana.edu/reslife The housing application must be filled out completely and a $200 non-refundable prepayment must be included. Applications without a prepayment will NOT be processed.


What are my living options?

Please see Living Options page for descriptions.


Is there a deadline for submitting the Residence Hall application?

We do have a Housing Application Priority Date of March 1st for new student applications. This date is in place especially for students with specific roommate requests or special accommodation requests. Applications can be submitted at any time after that date. However, as soon as you have made the decision to attend MSU, we suggest that you submit your application for housing. We assign rooms by the date we receive the applications; therefore, the earlier you submit your application, the more likely you will get your preferred room assignment.


Are there any single or double-as-single rooms available and how do I get one?

There are a limited number of single or double-as-single rooms available. These two options are very popular so we recommend getting your application in as soon as possible. Rooms are “priority assigned” by the date the application arrives in the Residence Life Office.


Can I submit my housing application before I have been officially admitted to the University?

Yes, we can accept housing applications before you have been officially accepted to the University. Be advised that processing the housing application does not constitute approval of academic admission to the University.


How do I log into the application?

The housing application requires you to use your preferred email address to login. Enter your preferred email address and then click forgot password to have your password sent to you. Your password will be unique, and not the same password you used to apply to the University. If you are a first time applicant, you can also click on the register button above the login details to get started. If you are having problems getting your password sent to you, please call the Residence Life Office at 406-994-2661 or email housing@montana.edu.


What is my preferred email address?

Your preferred email address should be the email you gave the University when you applied for admission. If you are not sure, you can check in MyInfo or contact the Residence Life Office at 406-994-2661 or housing@montana.edu.


How do I select or change my preferred email address?

You can make changes to your preferred email address by accessing MyInfo and selecting update email addresses in the personal information tab. Please be sure that your preferred email address is in the section for personal email addresses.


How do I request a roommate?

There is a section on the housing application for roommate requests. If you are not able to find your requested roommate in the search, you can make this request by emailing housing@montana.edu or calling our office at 406-994-2661.


Which halls are available for freshmen?

Most of our residence halls are available for first year students. The only exceptions to this would be the Headwaters, which is only available for sophomore and above students who meet the academic and community involvement requirements, and Johnstone Center which is for students 21 years or older (a good option for non-traditional freshman or returning students).


Housing Assignments

Why didn’t I receive one of my 3 preferences?

Keep in mind that we coordinate our placements on a first come, first served basis.The earlier you turn in your housing application, and $200 prepayment, the more likely you are to receive your desired hall/room. We begin taking housing applications October 1st for the next academic term.


Why wasn’t I placed with my requested roommate?

Please keep in mind that we coordinate our placements on a first come, first served basis. The earlier a request is made, the more likely you are to be placed with your requested roommate. We begin taking applications October 1st for the next academic term.


What if I don’t like/want my housing assignment or roommate?

Hall/Room changes can take place if a problem arises that cannot be solved in any other manner. We encourage roommates to complete the Roommate Contract (provided at the first floor meeting) and discuss any concerning issues with each other, before asking for a room change. All hall/room changes need to be granted through the Hall Resident Director and the Program Assistant.


How do I find out my room and roommate assignment?

The Residence Life Office mails this information to your prior to your arrival on campus. The information includes your hall/room assignment as well as your roommate’s name, e-mail address and telephone number. You can also access your room assignment information by logging in to your Housing Portal Account. We encourage you to contact your roommate before the semester begins to discuss furnishings as well as living habits.


Meal Plans

What meal plan options do you offer?

All students in the residence halls are required to have a meal plan, of which we have two options. The 5-day meal plan allows students to eat Monday through Friday and the 7-day meal plan allows students to eat Sunday through Saturday.


How does the meal plan work and at what times are the meals served?

Meal plans are run through your CatCard which is swiped upon entering the dining hall. Five-day meal plans allow you access to the dining halls Monday through Friday. Seven-day meal plans allow you access to the dining halls all seven days of the week.
Miller Dining Commons in the Hedges Complex and Harrison Dining Hall in Johnstone are open 7 days a week. Hannon Café is open Monday through Friday.

Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner
7:00am - 9:30am 9:30am - 11:00 am 11:00am - 1:30pm 1:30pm - 4:30pm 4:30pm - 7:00pm

Do I have to have a meal plan?

MSU requires all students living on campus (including the Freshman Apartments) to participate in a meal plan as part of their room and board package. University Food Service offers several different options to adopt to student’s needs and preferences to allow students a choice in their meal plan. This allows MSU to ensure students are provided healthy, safe, and enjoyable food options. For more information on the meal plans please visit www.montana.edu/reslife/mealplans.


How long do I have to change my meal plan after the semester has begun?

If you have signed up for a 5-day meal plan and wish to change to a 7-day meal plan, you can make that change at any time throughout the semester. You can upgrade your meal plan by visiting the Residence Life Central Office or the Cashier's Office located on the first floor of Miller Dining Commons.

If you signed up for a 7-day meal plan and wish to change to a 5-day meal plan, we allow you to make that change throughout the first couple weeks of classes. If you find the meal plan you have chosen does not fit your needs, simply downgrade your meal plan before the following dates at the Residence Life Central Office or the Cashier's Office located on the first floor of Miller Dining Commons.


Fall Semester
Friday, September 12, 2014
Spring Semester
Friday, January 28, 2015

What do they use to look up my meal plan whenever I eat in the dining halls?

Your Cat Card is your meal pass identifier and will be scanned each time you enter one of our dining facilities. You also have the option of hand scanners for entry to the dining hall. Please contact the Cat Card office for more information.


At what locations on campus can I use my CNC Cash on my Cat Card?

Your CNC Cash can be used at any University Food Service location. These locations include Union Market, Bobcat Court, Avogadro’s, Sweet Shop, SRO, etc. 

You can also use CNC Cash to purchase additional guest passes (if needed) for a discount rate:

5-Day Meal Plans

Students with a 5-day meal plan can purchase guest meals for $5.00 during hours of operation Monday-Friday. Guest meals purchased on a Saturday or Sunday cost $7.00.

7-Day Meal Plans

Students with a 7-day meal plan can purchase guest meals for $5.00 any day of the week.

**Students requesting the discount rate must have a valid meal pass.


Moving In

What is included in my room?

Hannon/Johnstone/Mullan/North Hedges/South Hedges/Roskie

Each room is furnished with extra-long twin beds (can be lofted), desks, desk chairs, and storage space.


Each room is furnished with regular twin beds (cannot be lofted), desks, desk chairs, and storage space.  

Freshman Apartments

Each double room is furnished with extra-long twin bunk beds (cannot be un-bunked or lofted), desks, desk chairs, and storage space.

Each single room is furnished with an extra-long twin bed (can be lofted), desks, desk chairs, and storage space.


Each room is furnished with extra-long twin beds (can be lofted), desks, desk chairs, and storage space.

Additionally, Hannon, Hapner, and Johnstone rooms have sinks, and Johnstone rooms are carpeted.


When do the residence halls open up to be able to move in?

The residence halls open at 12pm on Sunday, January 10, 2016 for the Spring 2016 semester.The residence halls open at 9am on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 for the Fall 2016 semester.


Can I send items to the residence hall before I arrive?

You can send items to your campus mailing address. However, we do ask that those items arrive the same day you are planning on arriving or as close as possible to that day. We do understand that it is difficult for some students to bring everything they need with them, but we only have a limited amount of secure space at the front desks for packages.


What is my campus mailing address?

Your Name
___ Your Hall, Your Room Number
Bozeman, MT 59715-xxxx
___ = 100 for Hannon, Hapner, Johnstone, Langford, Mullan, and the Quads
___ = 200 for Gallatin, Jefferson, Madison, North Hedges, Roskie, and South Hedges 

4-digit zip code suffixes (xxxx) are as follows:

Gallatin - 5020 Madison - 5015 Quad D - 5013
Hannon - 5176 Mullan - 5000 Quad E - 5008
Hapner - 5177 North Hedges - 5075 Quad F - 5016
Jefferson - 5017 Quad A - 5005 Roskie - 5080
Johnstone Center - 5076 Quad B - 5009 South Hedges - 5079
Langford - 5078 Quad C - 5006  

What is the mailing address for the Freshman Apartments?

Student Name
___ East or West Julia Martin Dr. Apt. ___
Bozeman, MT 59715

East Julia Martin = Apartment Buildings 101-111

West Julia Martin = Apartment Buildings 112-115

Example: Apartment 100 A-1-A = 100 East Julia Martin Dr. Apt A-1-A, Bozeman, MT. 59715


Where do I check in once I arrive on campus?

You need to check in at the residence hall that you have been assigned. The halls are staffed 24 hours a day/7 days a week, so you may check in anytime after the advertised opening date and time.


What if I am arrive after office hours or on the weekends and do not have a room assignment?

The Residence Life Office is open Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am and 5pm. You will need to visit our office to fill out your housing application and we will give you your room assignment at that time, at which point you will be able to check into your room.


Can I move in early?

Early move-in is a possibility. For further information and to submit a request, please contact the Residence Life Office at 406-994-2661.


What items are not permitted in the residence halls?

Because of health and safety reasons, the following items are not permitted in the residence halls: animals/pet (except for fully aquatic fish); any open coiled cooking appliance such as toaster ovens, George Foreman grills and hot plates; lighted candles or incense; firearms, pistols, ammunition, and explosives; halogen lamps; waterbeds and hot tubs; connections to outside antennas; and kegs.


Do you have a list of suggested items students should bring for their rooms?

A list of items can be found at Moving In


What is the complimentary linen service?

Upon arrival at MSU, check in at the front desk of the hall you have been assigned. Ask to check out a set of linens which includes two flat sheets and a pillowcase. Once a week, on a designated day, exchange your sheets at the front desk for a freshly laundered set.


Do you have microwave or refrigerator rentals available?

We do not have microwave rentals available. If you are interested in renting a mini fridge, you can do so through the Cashier's Office located on the first floor of Miller Dining Commons. The cost for this is $35/semester or $60/academic year.


Can I store any of the furniture that comes furnished in my room?

Residence Life will no longer store bed frames, mattresses, and/or any other furniture that comes furnished in student rooms for the 2016-2017 academic year. Students are expected to keep MSU Residence Life furniture in their room and it must be in the same condition at the end of the year as it was at the beginning of the year when the student moved in. 



How do I use the laundry facilities in my hall?

The residence hall laundry machines operate only with a CatCard, so you must deposit money into your CatCard debit account to wash and dry clothes. It costs $1.50 for each load in the washing machines and $1.50 for each load in the dryers.


How do I deposit money on my CatCard?

You may deposit money into your CatCard debit account when you arrive on campus or you may make a deposit in advance by check or credit card to avoid standing in line when you get here. To make a deposit by mail, send a check to:

CatCard Office
Room 107, Strand Union Building
Bozeman, MT 59717-0401

To make a deposit over the telephone using your credit card, call the CatCard Office at 406-994-2273 or the Residence Life Cashier at 406-994-2942. Once you’re on campus, you can also deposit money on your CatCard at the Cashier's Office located on the first floor of Miller Dining Commons. Visit the Cat Card homepage to deposit money online with your credit card.


Is my CatCard used to gain access to my hall?

You will need your CatCard to get into your building between 10pm and 7am every day. The Headwaters Complex, Hapner Hall, and Langford Hall have restricted access 24 hours a day, thus students need their CatCard at all times to enter.



Are freshman allowed to have cars?

Yes. MSU does not restrict freshman from having their cars on campus.


What do I do about parking?

There are not any free parking spaces on campus. You’ll need to stop by the University Police Station and purchase your hangtag before you can park in our lots. If you’re just visiting, you can park in our paid parking lot across from the Strand Union Building.


What do my guests do about parking?

Guests need to purchase a guest pass at either the ticket booth across from the Strand Union Building, or at University Police. The cost is $4.00 per day.


Can I leave my car on campus when I leave for break periods?

Students planning to leave for break periods are able to leave their cars on campus for extended periods of time but may need to move them to a different parking lot outlined by Parking Services. Students would be notified if cars need to be moved to a different parking lot before breaks start and students leave campus.



Can I stay on campus over breaks?

Housing will be provided, at an additional charge, for students wishing to stay during Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks. Please see Break Housing page for further information.


What is the residence hall visitation policy?

Students may entertain guests in their rooms during visiting hours provided that the rights of the other students on the floor, and in particular their roommates, are not violated. Due to the excessive noise caused by large numbers of people and potential fire hazards, no more than ten people may be in the student’s room at any given time.
Any non-resident guest visiting after 10pm must present a photo ID and be checked-in at the hall front desk. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their visitors/guests and must remain with them at all times.
Additionally, members of the opposite sex must be escorted between the hours of 10pm and 7am in Langford, Hannon, and Hapner Halls.
Students living in the residence halls may have overnight non-resident guests as long as their guests abide by the rules and regulations of the University and residence halls and their stay is no longer than 3 days.


Can I bring a bicycle and where do I store it?

Many students use bicycles as a very effective way to get around the MSU campus and the city of Bozeman. Students will be able to store their bikes on the provided bike racks outside the residence halls or in their own room only. Motorized bikes are allowed on campus but cannot be stored in a student’s room at any time. We recommend that students register their bikes with the University Police Department(UPD) for free and purchase a secure bike lock to deter theft.


Please let us know if your question was not answered by this FAQ page.

Please contact us at housing@montana.edu with any questions.