Living Options

Residence Life

To find more information about these living options please see our Living Learning Community brochure.

Living Options 2016-2017

Arts and Architecture:

This co-educational community is open to any declared Art or Architecture majors or those interested in pursuing either of these two fields of study. Recently, the lounge space was remodeled to accommodate a workspace for creating models and completing art projects.  We love art!

Offered in: South Hedges


The Business Theme floor is designed to provide career exploration and exposure to other majors that allow for a career in the business field. Residents will have access to in-hall academic advising, study sessions, and evening presentations by business faculty and local business leaders.

Offered in: South Hedges

Co-ed Floors:

Co-ed floors feature men living on one side of the floor and women on the other. Residents on co-ed floors quickly develop brother/sister type relationships.

Offered in: North Hedges

Emerging Leaders Floor:

This floor is for everyone interested in exploring their role as an emerging leader. As a member of this community you will have the unique opportunity to learn and practice your individual style of leadership. Residence Life is teaming up with the MSU Leadership Institute to provide programming and mentorship throughout the year. Students living on the floor must enroll in the Leadership Fellows program and enroll in a special section of UC 102 during the fall semester.

Offered in: South Hedges


Majors and careers in engineering are demanding and competitive. Residents give themselves an edge when choosing to live in these communities. Women in Hannon Hall and men in Langford Hall are provided with workshops that supplement their in-class experience, as well as in-hall study sessions and faculty presentations.

Offered in: Hannon, Langford

Global Village:

Students in the International Living Learning Community have the opportunity to make friends from around the world, to learn about other cultures and to share their own. They will participate in interactive intercultural training sessions, fun cultural presentations on the countries represented in the LLC, and a team building service project each semester. This living experience is ideal for students planning to study abroad or returning from studying abroad; for international and exchange students; for students studying foreign languages; and for any student interested in the world. 

Offered in: HannonLangford


The Honors theme community is dedicated to giving students in the University Honors Program the opportunity to live and learn together in an atmosphere that is dedicated to holistic learning. Students in this co-ed community will experience social and educational programs designed to promote intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and independence.

Offered in: Quads, South Hedges

Sophomore and Above:

This quiet yet active living option provides an opportunity for students who want a change of pace from the traditional freshmen energy.

Offered in: JohnstoneRoskie, Headwaters Complex

21 & Older:

Similar to the Sophomore and Above living option, this option is for students who are 21 years of age or older and are interested in living around students who are around the similar age. This option is open with double and single rooms in Johnstone specifically.

Offered in: Johnstone