Off-Campus Housing

Residence Life

Montana State Residence Life provides resources and advising for those students interested in moving off-campus. Check out some of our resources below and contact us if you would like to speak with an off-campus housing advisor. Call us at 406-994-2661 or come to our office, located between North and South Hedges, on the north side of Miller Dining Hall.

Disclaimer: Montana State University Residence Life does not complete off-campus housing applications, place students, take deposits, or work with landlords and property management companies on behalf of students. Residence Life does not assume responsibility for a property or rental found using resources we have provided.

Off-Campus Housing Guide: A complete guide to living off campus! This document includes information about what to look for when looking at off campus housing options and ways to make your off campus living experience successful.

Living the Good Life: A presentation put on by Residence Life staff every spring, to educate students on the various housing options at MSU and in Bozeman. This program is designed to provide unbiased information so you can make an educated decision about the living option that best matches your financial and personal situation.

Good Neighbor Webinar: In March 2013, the Montana State Parent & Family Association put on the "Good Neighbor Webinar". This webinar featured MSU staff members, local property managers, Bozeman police, and the ASMSU attorney, all discussing and presenting information on what it means to be a good neighbor. Information covered included available resources from MSU Residence Life, things to be aware of when renting, tips on being a good neighbor, ways to get involved in the Bozeman community, and general information related to off-campus living.

Bozeman Voluntary Rental Safety Inspection Program: The City of Bozeman will inspect any qualifying rental unit in Bozeman for health and safety standards, as outlined by locally adopted laws and codes. This inspection is free and helps ensure the unit you are looking to rent is safe. This booklet outlines the program and how to setup a free inspection.