• To start the application, click on"Apply Now"

  • Select "continue to housing application" to be transferred to the online application.

    Be sure that you are using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox for this application. Other internet browsers may not work properly with this application.

  • If you know what your preferred email address is, enter it in the email field and click forgot possword to have your password emailed to you.

    You can then enter your password and log in.

    ***This is a different password than the one you used for the Admissions Applications.***

    If you are unsure what your preferred email address is or are having difficulties logging in with your preferred email address, try using "Register".

    If you are still having problems at this point, contact the Residence Life Office at 406-994-2661 or housing@montana.edu.

  • This is a view of the "Register" screen.

    Please be sure to enter your information accurately and click "Save & Continue".

  • This is the confirmation page from the "Register" page.

    If you use register, and an error page pops up instead, please contact the Residence Life Office at 406-994-2661 or housing@montana.edu for assistance.

  • This is your housing website home page. Click on "Application" to get started.

    The next page will ask which application you are looking to submit. Since this portal is used by both Residence Life and Family & Graduate Housing, you will want to be sure to read through the application classifications on this page.

  • Select your application and click "Save & Continue".

    The residence hall applications start with either "AC Year" or "Spring".

  • Click "Apply" to start.

  • Your personal and contact details will show up automatically here from information in MyInfo

    If you used "Register" to start the application, the grayed out areas will be blank. This will automatically be completed when our system updates with your information.

    If you see any mistakes in this information, you can either change it yourself in MyInfo or contact the Admissions Office to fix it for you.

  • Enter your information in the areas that are not grayed out. Then click "Save & Continue"

    Especially if you are under 18 years, provide your parent/guardian information here.

  • Answer these profile questions. This information is used to pair you with potential roommates, so please be as honest as you can as you are going through these questions.

    Then click "Save & Continue"

  • Choose residence hall preferences here. It will ask you for the hall and for the room type.

    More information can be found here: http://www.montana.edu/reslife/halls/.

  • Choose living option preferences here.

    *Note: The application does not save these in order. Since many living option are tied to a specific hall, we will understand what you are asking for without it being saved in any order.

    More information can be found here: http://www.montana.edu/reslife/living_options.

    Let us know what is most important to you:.

    -your residence hall choices
    -your living option preferences

  • Choose your meal plan here.

    For additional information on meal plans please visit www.montana.edu/reslife/mealplans

  • This section is used ONLY if you have a specific roommate in mind. If you do not have a specific roommate request, we will pair you with someone based off of your profile questions.

    If you DO NOT have a specific roommate request, click "Save & Continue."

    If you DO have a specific request, click "Search for roommates by details"

  • This is the roommate search form. Enter the name and date of birth of your requested roommate.

    This form will only search through people who have submitted a housing application for the term you are applying. If you are not able to find your request in this form, please contact the Residence Life Office at 406-994-2661 or housing@montana.edu

  • If you require a special accommodation due to a disability, choose "yes" here. If not, leave "no" in this field.

    If you chose "yes" above, please describe your needs here and contact the office as directed on the application.

    If you chose "no" above, but have a speacial request that wasn't covered in any previous step, you can enter that information here.


    This is the housing contract. Please read through this information carefully, as you are accepting the terms of this contract by completing this application.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Residence Life Office at 406-994-2661 or housing@montana.edu

  • Click "I Agree" after you have read through the housing contract to continue to the next step

  • Click on "Pay Now" to be transferred to the online payment site.

    If you choose to pay by check or money order, just send it to us in the mail with a note containing the student's name and birthdate.

    You may also call the Residence Life Office at 406-994-2661 to pay by credit card over the phone

    The application will be marked complete once the payment has been received.