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Making the following changes in the Gnotella settings and completely shutting it down when you are not actively using it will help prevent wasting bandwidth.

  1. Go to the Hosts tab and change the Connect me to ___ hosts to 5. Since most hosts only consume 2-20 kbps, your total bandwidth usage from host connections should not rise above 100 kbps. More host connections will allow you to search a greater number of computers on the network but will consume more network bandwidth and computer resources, making downloads slower and your computer less responsive. We highly recommend connecting to no more than 10 hosts at a time.

  2. Under the "Down" tab, set the Maximum downloads at once value to 2. Downloading more files at the same time requires more network bandwidth and a faster hard disk. Setting this value too high will result in increased network latency and delayed computer responses, particularly if you use your computer for multitasking.

  3. Under the "Up" tab, set Maximum number of uploads to 2, and the Maximum upload speed to 15. The higher these values are set, the more demanding the network is of bandwidth and of the hard disk. Setting these values too high can cause your computer to be unresponsive.

    Don't forget to close Gnotella when you are not actively using it.

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