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Making the following changes in the KaZaA options menu and completely shutting it down when you are away from your computer will help prevent wasting bandwidth.

  1. Go to the Tools menu and click Options.

  2. In the Options menu, click the Traffic tab. Once there, you can change a number of the settings to conserve bandwidth. If you set maximum number of simultaneous downloads high, it will use large amounts of bandwidth in an attempt to download every file you have requested at the same time. We recommend no more than 1 or 2 simultaneous downloads.

    Generally you should check Disable sharing of files with other Kazaa Media Desktop users, particularly if you do not have any legal files that are legal to share. If you do want to share your files, leave this box unchecked.

    If you do NOT check the box to Disable sharing of files with other KMD members, we highly recommend you set maximum number of simultaneous uploads to 1 or 2. This determines the maximum number of files you can send out at one time. Leaving this set to unlimited can utilize very large amounts of bandwidth and can slow your and your neighbor's ability to perform other networking tasks.

    After making the changes, select Apply so the changes will take effect.

  3. Next, click on the Advanced tab.

    Check the box that says Do not function as a Supernode If your PC is functioning as a Supernode, other people will be using your computer as a relay to list the files they have. Also, if you are functioning as a Supernode, everyone around you who connects to you has to upload a list of all their files to your computer. Both of these can take up unnecessary bandwidth and reduce the performance of your computer. We strongly recommend you disable your computer from functioning as a Supernode.

    Uncheck the box that says Optimal bandwidth use when computer is idle. If you leave this box checked, KaZaA will ignore the other bandwidth limitations you have set if your computer appears to have unused processing power.

    Next, adjust the Maximum bandwidth in kilobits to be used for transferring files to other Kazaa Media Desktop users from the default 'unlimited' to no more than 64.

    Select OK to accept the changes and close the Options window.

  4. Exiting KaZaA

    Done with KaZaA or leaving your PC? Close the application to save some bandwidth.

    When you are done actively using Kazaa or just away from your computer, you should completely close the application. If you see the KaZaA icon in your System Tray, it is not fully closed.

    To close it, right click on the icon and select Close Kazaa.

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