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Mapping Your "Z" Drive

You can access your student file share ("Z" Drive) from ResNet. Please use the following directions to map your "Z" Drive

Choose your Operating System
Windows XP
Windows Vista/7

Windows XP

1. Select any folder on your desktop
2. In the menu bar, go to the Tools drop down menu
3. Select Map Network Drive
4. Make sure the Drive: is set to Z
5. In the text box next to Folder type \\\X\first.last
The X in the address should be replace by the initial of your first name.
The first.last at the end of the address should be replaced with your first and last name.

6. Select the link that says different user name
7. For the user name type MSU\first.last and the first.last should the same as before
8. For the Password use your Domain Password

9. Select OK and Finish
10. You can now access your "Z" Drive

Windows Vista/7

1. Go to your Start Menu
2. Go to Computer on the right hand side of the menu

3. Click the Map network Drive link at the top

4. Make sure the Drive letter is set to Z
5. For the Folder type \\\X\first.last
X should be the initial of your first name
The first.last use your first name and last name
6. Then click Finish

7. When the box appears that asks for your User name and Password use your firstname.lastname and your MSU Domain Password. Make sure to put MSU\ in front of your username.


1. Select Go then Connect to Server...

2. In the Server Address: box type smb://
The X should be replaced by the initial of your first name
first.last should be replaced by your first and last name

3. A popup will appear asking for your user information
4. For Name type MSU\first.last
For first.last use the same as before
5. Use your MSU Domain Password in the password field

6. Select Connect