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Making the following changes in the WinMX settings and completely shutting it down when you are not actively using it will help prevent wasting bandwidth.

  1. Go to the Bandwidth button on the right and click "Adjust Incoming..."

  2. Set both the incoming and outgoing bandwidths to 64000 bytes per second. This will limit the amount of bandwidth you use for sharing and downloading files and help prevent our network from becoming overburdened.

  3. After limiting the bandwidth, you need to limit the total number of uploads and downloads by selecting Queuing under File Transfers on the left hand side. Once the options screen is open, set Max total downloads and Max Total uploads to 2 or 1.

  4. Exiting WinMX

    When you close WinMX, it brings up an options screen.

    When you are ready to close the program, choose Completely exit... then click OK. This will prevent WinMX from running when you don't want it to.

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