Official Newsletter of ARF

(Association of Retired Faculty-MSU Bozeman)

Vol. 1, Number 2, April 6, 2009 

This is the second edition of the Newsletter that we hope to send out periodically to those interested in the activities of the Association of Retired Faculty of MSU 

SPRING LUNCHEONS:  We are continuing to have our monthly luncheons with the next one scheduled for Wednesday, April 15 at 12:30 pm in room 235 of the SUB.  We delayed the starting time to allow better access to parking on campus.  Bring your own brown bag lunch, or go through the cafeteria line and bring you lunch to our meeting room.  We will have as our guest, Steve Hample, who will discuss “protecting your assets in a depressed economy”. 

Come and enjoy lunch while visiting with fellow retirees.   

MSU BENEFITS MEETINGS FOR RETIREES:  On April 22 at 8:30 am at the Wingate Inn, Paul Bogumill, administrator of the Montana University System Benefits program, will give an informational talk on the benefits program as related to retirees.  You will be especially interested in learning about the new health insurance program called MAPP which is a Medicare Advantage program that will be available to MSU-Bozeman retirees for the first time beginning July 1.  This is a program that will reduce your premiums significantly.  For instance, for a couple the savings will be about $800 per year.  This is an optional program, but you should educate yourself on it.  Following Paul’s meeting, there will be additional meetings sponsored by New West (who will administer the MAPP program), also at the Wingate Inn at 10:30 am.  New West will also repeat their presentation on April 24 at 10:00 am at the Wingate, and on April 28 at either 10:00 or 2:00 PM.  You should have already received information on these meetings, but this is just a reminder to put them on your calendar. 

ANNUAL BANQUET:  The annual retirees banquet will be held Tuesday, May 19 beginning at 6 pm in the MSU Foundation Bldg on South 11th Ave. You should have received a preliminary announcement of the banquet, but if you did not, please let Rose Hanson at the MSU Alumni Association know of your interest in attending.  Her phone number is 994-2509.  This is always a fun time with a great turnout of retirees and spouses and friends.   

CAPSTONE LECTURE:  We are sponsoring the first Capstone Lecture for retirees . Gordon “Corky” Brittan from History and Philosophy will give this first lecture on “the relations between the sciences and the humanities as filtered through C. P. Snow’s famous book, The Two Cultures”. We are hoping that this will kick off other capstone lectures that each retiring faculty member will be invited to give.  This lecture will be given early this coming fall semester, so stay tuned for the exact date, time, and location. 

RETIREMENT FORM:  A new procedure has recently been adopted by MSU for active faculty anticipating retirement.  They are now requested to go to our web site and fill out a “retirement information form”.  This form is to be filled out electronically with six questions to be answered as follows: (1) Do you want information about retiring and the retirement process? (2) Do you want to participate in an exit interview? (3) Are you interested in presenting a capstone lecture? (4) Are you interested in being nominated for an Emeritus title? (5) Are you interested in either joining ARF or participating in events? (6) List the ways you plan to remain associated with MSU.  Through this process, ARF hopes to make the retirement process much more friendly and useful to the potential retiree. 

ARF Officers:  We are currently operating as a “committee of the whole” with no specific president.  This executive committee consists of approximately 12 individuals who are interested in seeing that ARF continues as an active and viable organization on campus.  If you would have an interest in joining this group to help plan our direction and programs, please let Don Mathre know of your interest and we’d be happy to include you in our meetings.  We try to meet monthly during the academic year, but take the summer off. 

WEB SITE:  Dwight Phillips has worked hard to get our web site up and running.  To get to it, go to   

Don Mathre, BowWow Editor,  e-mail


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