Official Newsletter of ARF

(Association of Retired Faculty-MSU Bozeman)

Vol. 2, Number 1, February 3, 2010 

This is the third edition of the Newsletter that we hope to send out periodically to those interested in the activities of the Association of Retired Faculty of MSU 

PRESIDENT CRUZADO:  Members of our program planning committee met with President Cruzado shortly after she arrived on the job.  We had a chance to bring her up to speed on the history of our organization, what we have accomplished, and what we are planning for the future.  She gave us her assurance of her definite interest in our organization and looked forward to meeting with us on a regular basis. 

SPRING LUNCHEONS:  We are continuing to have our monthly luncheons with the next one scheduled for Thursday, March 11 at noon in room 235 of the SUB. Bring your own brown bag lunch, or go through the cafeteria line and bring you lunch to our meeting room.  We will have as our guest, Dr. Tom McCoy, Vice-President of Research, to speak to us about issues involving research that would be of interest to retirees.  We have tentatively scheduled Connie Talbott, CEO of the MSU Foundation, and Bob Hawks, local Montana legislator to speak to us later in the spring.  Stay tuned for the specific dates.  Come and enjoy lunch while visiting with fellow retirees.   

MSU BENEFITS MEETINGS FOR RETIREES:  On April 14 at 8:30 am at the Wingate Inn.  This will be an informational meeting to explain the choices that retirees will have during the annual renewal for our Choices program.  Some of you chose to move to the new MAPPS program  which is a Medicare-Advantage program offered through New West.  Others of you opted to remain on the traditional program run the Interunits Benefits Committee.   Come to get an update on all the details so that you can make the best choice for your individual situation. 

ANNUAL BANQUET:  The annual retirees banquet will be held in May, probably during the week of May 17.  A specific date and time will be forthcoming to keep that week open for another great get together.  Charlie and Shirley Rust are this year’s host couple and they will soon be announcing who are speaker will be. 

CAPSTONE LECTURES:  We are sponsoring two Capstone Lectures this spring.  On Feb 24 Gary Strobel will be giving a lecture on a topic of his choice, probably something related to his recent work on finding unusual fungi on tropical plants from all over the world and their usefulness to mankind.  The lecture will be in room 108 of the Plant Bioscience Building on South 11th Ave.    Later in April, Pierce Mullen, retired historian, will be giving his capstone lecture, topic, date, and time yet to be determined.   

VOLUNTEER ACTIVITY SURVEY:  In preparation for our visit with the new President, you were asked to participate in a survey of volunteer activities in which you are involved.  We had 31 responses, and the breadth of activities for which you volunteer was truly amazing.   On campus, these ranged from continued teaching and advising of both undergraduate and graduate students on their research and/or scholarly activities; continuation of an active research program, reviewing of proposals and manuscripts; service on a number of committees ranging from search committees to the Benefits committee, to work with the athletics department.  Off campus, there was an even broader range of activities including AARP, Wonderlust, Emergency Search and Rescue, etc.  Thanks to all who took the time to let us know how you are using your time as a volunteer.  In the future, we hope to develop a “clearing house” for volunteer activities available to retirees.  Stay tuned for that development. 

PROPOSED OFFICERS OF ARF:  For the past two years, we have been operating with a management team as a “committee of the whole”.  We now think it is time to go back to a regular set of officers.  To that end, a nominating committee is presenting the following slate of potential officers for your consideration.  They are for President – Marty Hamilton; for Vice-President – John Jutila; and for Secretary-Treasurer – Don Mathre.  If you would like to nominate anyone else for any of these offices, please submit your nominations to Dwight Phillips by e-mailing him at  We’d like to vote on this at our next luncheon meeting scheduled for March 11 so have any nominations in to Dwight by March 8. 

PROPOSED DUES STRUCTURE:  As you may know, when ARF was originally established, we collected dues from each member.  For the past two years, we have opted not to collect dues since we had very few expenses.  Now that our programs have increased our checking account has been drained to the point that we feel that we need to reinstitute some modest dues.  The proposed dues structure will be considered at our next meeting.

Regular dues - $15/yr; Sustaining members - $25/yr; Contributing members - $50/yr; Benefactor - $100; Life-time membership - $200.  New members would have no dues for their first year of membership. 

WEB SITE:  Dwight Phillips has worked hard to get our web site up and running.  To get to it, go to   

Don Mathre, BowWow Editor,  e-mail


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