Official Newsletter of ARF

(Association of Retired Faculty-MSU Bozeman)

Vol. 2, Number 2, October , 2010


This is the fourth edition of the Newsletter that we hope to send out periodically to those interested in the activities of the Association of Retired Faculty of MSU WEB SITE:  Dwight Phillips has worked hard to get our web site up and running.  To get to it, go to  Located at this web site are some added links to items of interest to our group and to retirees in general.  They are all on the “Links” page of our web site.  The first, under current items of interest, is to a publication that talks about retiree centers on university campuses and the role they can play.  Two other links are further down the page under the section “links to retired faculty organizations” and include new links to the UC Berkeley Retirement center.  The other link is to the Rutgers Retirement group which is unique in that it seems to have links to a lot of advice on end-of-life issues, like wills, obituaries, planning, etc.  The FY2010 ARF annual report is available from a link on the home page. 


The Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation sponsors a Senior Scientist Mentor Program.  It provides awards of $20,000 over two years for undergraduate stipends and modest research support.  Eligible schools offer at least B.S. degrees in chemistry, chemical sciences, or chemical engineering.  Faculty who apply must be emeritus by Jan. 2011 and must maintain active research programs in chemical sciences.  Proposals are due Nov. 11, 2010 and awards will be made in January.  No funding is supplied for indirect costs, faculty salary, or graduate student expenses.  Details are available at 


We have no capstone lectures scheduled for this fall, but during spring semester Gerry Wheeler, Geof Gamble, and Chris Pinet have agreed to present lectures.  Stay tuned for the exact days, time, and title of their lecture.  


We began our fall series of luncheons on Sept 15 with a talk by Paul Gannon on global warming and MSU’s response to it.  It was very interesting.  Our next luncheon will be on Thursday, Oct. 21 when legislative issues that may affect higher education and the Teachers Retirement System will be discussed by one of our local legislators, J.P. Pomnichowski. It will be in room 233 of the SUB at noon.  Bring your lunch or go through the cafeteria line.  We plan to have these monthly luncheons on the third Wednesday of every month but this will depend on the speaker’s availability.  Watch your e-mail for the exact dates and speakers.  These luncheons are a great way for you to make contact with other retirees that you may not see on a regular basis. 


Members of the ARF executive committee will be meeting with President Cruzado on Oct 28 to continue our dialog with her on issues of interest to ARF.  We will include among other things the issue of post-retirement contracts for newly retired faculty, issues coming before the 2011 Legislature that may affect retirees, etc. 


You may not be aware but we no longer have office space in Hamilton Hall.  The university has recommended two offices at a new location and the ARF office committee will visit the offices, and if suitable, arrange to move in.  Watch the web site for further information. 


The executive committee has been or will be considering some new directions for ARF.  One of these is whether to broaden our membership to include all MSU retirees, not just the retired faculty.  If you have opinions on this, please let members of the executive committee know of them.  Also, we are considering whether to develop a volunteer clearing house.  This would be something to facilitate getting interested retirees hooked up with individuals and/or organizations that need volunteers. 

Finally, dues for 201000000-11 are still being accepted.  Send to Don Mathre, Treasurer, 731 South 12th Ave, Bozeman, MT  59715 

Don Mathre, BowWow Editor,  e-mail