"How Retirement Benefits will change in 2016" is a November 2015 article in US News & World Report that explains some changes in potential retirement accounts and social security benefits for those making plans for retirement.

"Nearly Half of Senior Tenured Faculty Want to Delay Retirement", an article published in October, 2015 in Inside Higher Ed, discusses a recent study by the TIAA CREF Institute on this topic and provides a link to the original study. The lead paragraph notes that some 65% of tenured senior faculty plan to delay retirement for one reason or another.

"The Forever Professors" -- An opinion piece in the November 14, 2014 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education, written by a recently retired professor,  provides some interesting personal perspectives suggesting that senior faculty should not delay retirement beyond 70.

"Ageism in Academe",  published in the November 18, 2014 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education is a direct response to "The Forever Professors" from a senior faculty member.  He notes that senior faculty are in the best years of their professional life and should not retire too early.

"Dignity in Retirement Is Not Too Much to Ask" -- An advice piece in the November 24, 2014 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education, written by three retired professors.  The article is in partial response to "The Forever Professors" and suggests retirement arrangements that benefit both the retiring faculty and their university.

"The Impending Retirement Crisis" -- A journal article in the Spring 2014 issue of "Montana Professor" by Jerome Coffey, Emeritus Professor, MSU-Bozeman, discusses many facets of the problems Montana universities face in dealing with recent changes in retirement issues.

Emeritus Colleges Featured -- An October, 2013 article in the publication "Inside Higher Ed" discussed the emerging role of emeritus colleges on university campuses and the expectations of today's retiring faculty.

Are Academics Delaying Retirement? --An article published in the journal Nature (March, 2012) discusses how baby boomers in academia are delaying their retirement and how this impacts younger faculty. Phased retirement is briefly discussed as a mechanism to encourage retirement.


ARF (Association of Retired Faculty) HISTORY

"Orphaned at Age 67:  An Organization for Retired Faculty at MSU-Bozeman"  An article by Robert Swenson detailing the rationale for the founding of MSU ARF -- from Montana Professor, 2005

Constitution and Officers of ARF, 2005-2016

"The BowWow Times" was the newsletter of ARF, the MSU Association of Retired Faculty. The last edition was: Vol.6, #1, February 2014 . Archived Editions:  Vol.5, #2, September 2013; Vol.5, #1, January 2013Vol.4, #4, July 2012Vol.3, #3, November 2011; Vol.3, #2, July 2011Vol.3, #1, February 2011; Vol.2, #2, October 2010;Vol.2, #1, February 2010Vol.1, #2, April 2009; Vol. 1, #1, February, 2009



Pension Plans, Retirement Plans

Montana University System -- Retirement and Pensions.   This web-site provides information on the MUS retirement plans as well as links to pension managers and to information regarding retirement.

Montana Teachers Retirement System. The Montana Teachers Retirement System serves active and retired teachers and educators in the State of Montana. Its primary purpose is to administer their pension plan, which includes (but is not limited to) payment of retirement benefits, collection of member contributions and enrollment of new members.

TIAA-CREF. TIAA-CREF provides retirement plans at more than 15,000 colleges, universities, schools, research centers, medical organizations and other nonprofit institutions throughout the United States.

Montana Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)  This web-site provides information for MUS employees covered by PERS, including discussions of the different options available.

Health Insurance, Health Care Providers

Montana University System Health Insurance Plans - CHOICES. Information on currently available health insurance plans for MUS retirees.

MSU Personnel and Payroll Health Benefits. This web page provides links to all of the providers for the CHOICES health insurance plans as well as links to required forms.

Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital offers comprehensive services designed to meet the diverse healthcare needs of the communities in the greater Gallatin Valley.

Retirement Planning

Montana University System -- Pension and Retirement    This web-site provides information on the MUS retirement plans as well as links to pension managers and to information regarding retirement.

MSU Personnel and Payroll - Retirement Information and Forms

Handbook for Retirement at MSU -- produced by MSU Association of Retired Faculty (2007)

Getting Ready -- Information from the Montana University System (2013 update)

Emeritus Faculty Policies from the MSU-Bozeman Faculty Handbook (2017)

USA Today Retirement Section - useful information on many facets of retirement planning.

Preparing Yourself Mentally for Retirement - an article published in USA Today in October, 2013

Next Avenue  -- information about all aspects of retirement including planning, caregiving, end of life issues, activities, health issues,  etc.

Learn, Discover, and Travel

Road Scholar (formerly ElderHostel)


Bozeman Senior Center Travel Department

Estate Planning

Documents related to estate planning, wills, etc. from MSU Extension Service

Considerable information on estate planning and end-of-life issues can be found on the website for the Rutgers Retired Faculty Association



Bowling Green State University Retirees Association

Ohio State Univerity Retirees Association

Oregon State University Retirement Association

San Francisco State University Retirement Association

Univerisity of California Berkeley Retirees' Association

University of Idaho Retirees Association

University of Minnesota Retirees Association

University of Montana-Missoula Retirees' Association

University of South Florida Retired Faculty and Staff Association

University of Texas Retired Faculty-Staff Association

University of Washington Retirement Association



Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE)

Boston College Association of Retired Faculty

California State University Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association

California State University Long Beach Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association

North Carolina State University Resources for Retired Faculty (information on phased retirement)

Rutgers Retired Faculty Association (considerable information on end-of-life issues)

UC Berkely Retirement Center (university sponsored facility with programs for retirees)

USC Emeriti Center and Emeriti College

University of Colorado Retired Faculty Association

University of Montana-Missoula Retirees' Association

University of Pennsylvania -- Penn Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty

 Washington State University Emeritus Society


Clemson University Emeritus College

Arizona State University Emeritus College

Emory University Emeritus College