Meet the Board


Tannur talking at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new residence hall.

Tannur Oakes

President -- Phone: (406) 861-3875

Tannur is a Junior majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience is is from Bridger, Montana. As president, he is the leader of all campus RHAs and must conduct the Interhall legislature and execuive board meetings, as well as serve on all committees created by the legislature. He is also the voice of students living in the halls when discussing issues with Residence Life and other campus entities.

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Wesley Turner

Vice President of Personnel

Wesely is a junior majoring in Political Science and is the current Vice President of Personnel. He is the chairperson for appeals from judicial cases. He also coordinates the elections process each Fall and Spring semester.

Picture of Stephanie eating a candy cane in the lobby of Hannon Residence Hall.

Stephanie Beeman

National Communications Coordinator

Stephanie is a Sophmore majoring in Business from Bridger, Montana. As the National Communications Coordinator, she represents Montana State university at regional and national conferences and makes conference delegation preparations. 

A picture of Ellsbeth outside in the wintertime heading off to class.

Ellsbeth Schmachtenberger

Vice President of Business

Ellsbeth is a Junior majoring in Geology from Fort Collins, Colorado. As the Vice President of Business, Ellsbeth is responsible for managing the budget and administering all fund requests through the organization. She handles any and all financial matters in conjuction with the President and Advisor.

Peter Lewis

Director of Technology

Peter is junior majoring in electrical engineering and is form Boulder, Colorado. As the IRHA Director of Technology Peter is responsible for managing all technology needs and requests for both Interhall and the individual hall RHA's. His is the advisor to the organization on purchases regarding technology and other improvements to the organization in regards to technological upgrades.

A picture of Danny leaning against a white fence

Danny Damschen

Director of Marketing

Danny is a Freshman majoring in graphic design and is from Plains, Montana. As the IRHA Director of Marketing Danny is responsible for any and all communications outside of the organization, including our newsletter. He is also responsible for assisting with publicity efforts for campus-wide programs sponsored by Interhall.

A picture of Markie.

Markie DeRudder

Director of Programming

Markie is a sophomore majoring in film and is from Fromberg, Montana. As the Director of Programming, she coordinates campus-wide RHA events, and works with the hall Social Chairs to improve RHA events and provide leadership. She makes sure that RHA events are always available and fun!

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Katherine Schmachtenberger

Director of Community Outreach

Katherine is a junior majoring in architecture and is from Fort Collins, Colorado. As the Director of Community Outreach, she is responsible for developing relationships between her organization and other organizations both on the MSU campus and off. She reports the on goings of the different organizations back to the President and Advisor. Lastly, she works on getting the IRHA brand and mission out into the community.

Picture of Ryan in front of some pine trees.

Ryan Drake

Organization Advisor
E-mail: -- Phone: (406) 586-2449

Ryan is the Resident Director of the Freshman Apartments.  Originally from Highland, Indiana he received his Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education Teaching from Saint Joseph's College in Rensselaer, Indiana in 2010.  He later received his Master’s in College Student Personnel from Arkansas Tech University in  2014. As the Organization Advisor, Ryan provides guidance for the Interhall RHA. He also is the Coordinator of Student Leadership, providing resources and support to all of the Assistant Resident Hall Directors as they manage their Hall RHA groups.