Items Available to Hall Councils:

 Audio equipment:


  • Large sound system: 4 speakers, 700 watt powered subwoofer, 870 watt per channel amplifier, 12 channel mixer with two additional stereo channels. This is used for large events (generally traditionals) or open mic nights. There are also two wireless mics available for use with this system.
  • Mid-size system #1- 2 400 watt powered speakers, 8 channel mixer. This is well suited to movie-type events, presentations, or large floor events.
  • Mid-size system #2- 2 speakers, monaural head unit with 8 channels. Good for smaller open mic nights.
  • Small system- 2 small powered monitor speakers. These are best for small floor events (like movie nights).

 Visual Equipment:

  • Compact HD projector (3000 lumens).
  • DVD/Bluray player
  • Pull up projector screen.
  • High power HD projector* (for very large screens) (7000 lumens)- requires an executive board member present.
  • Inflatable projection screen* (16' x 9' screen, ~20' x 15' frame) - requires an executive board member present.


  • Water coolers
  • Overhead projectors
  • Christmas lights
  • Black lights
  • Disco ball
  • Extension Cords


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