2011 Ed Anacker "Extended" Bridger Ridge Run

August 13, 2011

Here's an experiment if you have Google Earth installed on your computer. The Google Earth .kmz file is based on the raw position data from the GPS unit I carried during the special extended Ridge Run adventure, 26 miles from Flathead Pass to the �M� trailhead, on 8/13/2011. I put in a few waypoint labels and then made a guide path to drive the �tour� feature in Google Earth.


(1) Double-click the link below if it is recognized by your system as a Google Earth file. Otherwise, download and save the kmz file to your local disk, launch Google Earth, and open the .kmz file.

(2) In Google Earth, look for the items in your "Temporary Places" as an item called "gps_fhp_m_path.kml"

(3) Highlight and double-click the "tour" item called "FHP-to-M-tour" This should zing your view to Flathead Pass and then start flying along above the red contour of GPS tracking data. The course and terrain should be pretty recognizable if you have a fast internet connection�at least once the terrain gets buffered.

The simulated speed is about 300 miles per hour, which is just slightly slower than Scott Creel�s pace ;)

GPS movie:  Google Earth .kmz file

Bozeman Daily Chronicle article by Tim Dumas on the Extended Ridge Run (14 Aug 2011)

Participants in the inaugural extended BRR:  Terry Leist, Greg Young, Liz McGoff, Kurt Buchl, Rob Maher, and Clem Izurieta

Rob on the trail near Bridger Peak.

The commemorative belt buckle awarded to the inaugural group.