2007 Ed Anacker Bridger Ridge Run

August 11, 2007

GPS track recorded by forward "sweep" crew (Hayes, Wigley, Maher):  Google Earth .kml file or .gpx file

2005 Ed Anacker Bridger Ridge Run

August 13, 2005

Mt. Baldy Aid Station (lat 45.755�N, long 110.953�W, el 8680')

(click image for larger version)

Photos:  Bob Kincaid

↓ Sunrise from the knob

↓ Hmmm, will it be this nice on the summit?

↓ Valley view

↓ Ice-covered trees

↓ Winter in August

↓ Valley view just below the cloud level

↓ View south toward the trailhead

↓ ...not so bad below the clouds...

Photos:  Rick Hartman

↓ August in the Bridgers...

↓ High visibility conditions (?)

↓ Icy flagpole

↓ 'Bald'-y volunteers (Steve, Jay, Margaret, Rob)

↓ Shelter from the storm (Carl, Sarah, Dan, Rob, Bob)

↓ A ridge runner sporting a 'retro' outfit

Photos:  Rob Maher

↓ Early afternoon:  could that be sunshine?

↓ Water, Gatorade, Hammer Gel, Fig Newtons...dill pickles and olives?

↓ Shelter from the wind:  check-off those runners!

↓ A windy, foggy day.