February 24-25, 2017

Our theme for the RMWCA Tutor Con, Get Lost (in Tutoring), invites us to explore tutoring practices that help open our worlds and our writers’ worlds to new ways of thinking about writing, new knowledge, and new experiences. Rebecca Solnit, author of A Field Guide to Getting Lost, notes the difference between “losing something” and “getting lost.” In the former instance, something is missing. But when we allow ourselves to “get lost,” “the world has become larger than our knowledge of it” (p. 22). The authors of the Everyday Writing Center draw from Solnit in their call for tutors to “get lost.” They argue that when tutors get lost, “they can encourage writers to get lost (in the best sense of that term) as well” (p. 56)

In Montana, a state full of natural beauty, it’s easy to get lost: lost in the beauty of the mountains surrounding you, lost in the quiet of the big sky, lost in the very best sense of that term. In fact, until recently, the Montana Office of Tourism campaign was “Get Lost (In Montana).” We invite you to come visit Bozeman and spend a few days exploring both how we can get lost in tutoring in the best sense of the word, and how, through unconscious or conscious practices, we might lose opportunities to help writers get lost in their own writing. We are excited to host  Michele Eodice, co-author of The Everyday Writing Center, as our keynote speaker. In addition to giving us our keynote, Michele will offer a Friday night workshop for Writing Center Directors.