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Bobcat Rodeo Office
239 Brick Breeden Fieldhouse
Bozeman, MT 59717
Office: 406-994-2403
Fax: 406-994-2703

Roughstock Release and agreement not to sue


            In consideration of being allowed to participate in MSU-Bozeman Rodeo Practice and related events, each of the undersigned for themselves and for their heirs, successors, personal representatives and next of kin, hereby RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE, HOLD HARMLESS, and IMDEMNIFY MSU-BOZEMAN AND MONTANA STATE RODEO TEAM (from here on referred to as “school”) from all liability to the undersigned and their personal representatives, heirs, successors, and next of kin from any and all claims and liability for all loss or damage, and any claim of damages therefore on account of any injury to the undersigned including death or damage to their property while they are utilizing “school” facilities or participating in “school” events.

            The undersigned hereby represent to the “school” that they understand THERE ARE CERTAIN RISKS OF SERIOUS INJURY AND DEATH inherent in participating in rodeo events and related activities.  They realize conditions of the rodeo arena change from time to time and may become more hazardous, that rodeo animals are dangerous and unpredictable and there is INHERENT DANGER in rodeo which they appreciate and voluntarily assume because they choose to participate in such events.  They recognize and expressly agree to assume the entire risk of any and all accidents or personal injury including serious paralysis or death which they might suffer during their participation in said events.

            The undersigned COVENANT AND AGREE NOT TO SUE THE “SCHOOL” for any injury, damages or death which occur as a result of their participation in said events and any claim or damage therefore.  They understand that this document may be treated as a complete defense to any legal action they might bring against the “school” for any injuries or other damages they might suffer.

            The undersigned understand and agree this RELEASE AND AGREEMENT NOT TO SUE extends to any and all claims they may have, specially including, but not limited to, claims arising out of participation in said events, claims with respect to the conditions, qualifications, instructions, rules or procedures under which their use of said facilities or equipment are conducted or from any cause.

            THE UNDERSIGNED UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THIS RELEASE AND AGREEMENT NOT TO SUE extends to ACCIDENT, INJURY, OR DEATH OCCURING DURING “SCHOOL” PRACTICES AND RELATED FUNCTIONS AND ANY TERM OF MEMBERSHIP IN THE “SCHOOL.”  Any subsequent Releases and agreement they might sign in the future shall amplify, but shall in no way limit, the provisions of this document.

            The undersigned further state and certify that they have carefully read the forgoing Release, know the contents thereof and sign this Release and Agreement Not to Sue as a free and voluntary act.  They are not relying on any statements of representations of any party released hereby.  THEY UNDERSTAND THIS IS A RELEASE OF ALL CLAIMS.

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