Current Graduate Students in the Creel Lab at MSU

Wigganson Matandiko (PhD):
Fulbright Fellow and NSF GRA. Wigganson will examine interactions between predators and prey in  Kafue National Park. His work will focus on factors that affect ungulate herd distributions, herd sizes, the rate of contact among individuals with herds.   Wigganson is co-supervised by Matt Becker of the Zambia Carnivore Programme.  He was the chief veterinary officer for ZAWA, the Zambian Wildlife Authority, before beginning his PhD.

Eli Rosenblatt (MS): MSU GTA and NSF GRA.  Eli's project has two main elements.  First, he is conducting a survey of population size and occupancy patterns of leopards and their prey in South Luangwa National Park, using data from a grid of motion sensitive cameras.  Second, he is developing a new method to estimate population size through pedigree reconstruction, conducting simulations to validate the method, and applying it to the lion population of South Luangwa with SNP genotypes (in collaboration with Goran Spong of the Univeristy of Umea).

Egil Droge (PhD):  MUST GTA and NSF GRA.  Egil is examining how the spatial and temporal distribution of predation risk in Liuwa National Park affects subordinate carnivore species (wild dogs and cheetahs) and prey species (wildebeest, zebra and oribi).