Scott Creel Publications for 2006

(PDF) Wagner AP, Creel S & Kalinowski ST  2006. Maximum likelihood estimation of relatedness and relationship using microsatellite loci with null alleles. Heredity 97: 336-345

(PDF) Winnie, J,  Christianson D, Maxwell B & Creel, S 2006.  Elk decision-making rules are simplified in the presence of wolves.  Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 61: 277 - 289.

(PDF) Kalinowski ST, ML Taper, S Creel  2006. Using DNA from non-invasive samples to census populations: an evidential approach tolerant of genotyping errors. Conservation Genetics 7: 319-329.

Creel S 2006.  Recovery of the Florida panther - genetic rescue, demographic rescue, or both?  Animal Conservation. 9: 125-126.

Bergman E, Garrott R, Creel S, Borkowski J, Jaffe R, Watson F 2006.  Assessment of prey vulnerability through analysis of wolf movements and kill sites. Ecological Applications 16: 273-284.

Creel S 2006.  In the minds of animals. Nature 439: 662-663.

(PDF) Dalerum F, Creel S & Hall S 2006.  Behavioural and endocrine correlates of reproductive failure in social aggregations of captive wolverines.  Journal of Zoology 269: 527 - 536.