Scott Creel Publications for 2007

(PDF) Creel S, Christianson D, Liley S & Winnie J  2007.  Predation risk affects reproductive physiology and demography in elk.  Science 315: 960. Also see Supplemental Online Material for this paper with methods, detailed assay validation data and additional results.

(PDF) Wagner AP Frank LG, Creel S, Coscia EM 2007.  Transient genital abnormalities in striped hyenas (Hyaena hyaena) Hormones and Behavior 51: 626-632,

(PDF) Wagner AP,  Creel S, Frank LG & Kalinowski S.  2007.  Patterns of relatedness and parentage in an asocial, polyandrous striped hyena population.  Molecular Ecology 16: 4356 - 4369.

Creel S 2007.  Helogale parvula. In: Kingdon, J.S. & Hoffmann, M. (Eds). The Mammals of Africa. Vol 5.  Academic Press, Amsterdam.

Nelson, JL, Cypher BL, Creel S & Bjurlin C 2007.   Effects of landscape modification on competition between endangered kit foxes and coyotes. Journal of Wildlife Management 71: 1467-1475.

(PDF) Christianson D & Creel S 2007. A review of environmental factors affecting winter elk diets.  Journal of Wildlife Management 71: 164-176.

(PDF) Winnie, J & Creel, S 2007.  Sex-specific behavioral responses of elk to spatial and temporal variation in the threat of wolf predation.   Animal Behaviour. 71: 215 - 225.