Scott Creel Publications for 2008

(PDF) Creel S & Christianson D 2008.  Relationships between direct  predation and risk effects.  Trends in Ecology & Evolution 23: 194-201.

(PDF) Creel S, Winnie JA, Christianson D & Liley S 2008.   Time and space in general models of antipredator response: tests with wolves and elk.   Animal Behavior 76: 1139-1146

(PDF) Christianson D & Creel S. 2008.  Risk effects in elk: sex-specific response in grazing and browsing due to predation risk from wolves.  Behavioral Ecology 19: 1258 - 1266.

Costello C, Creel S, Kalinowski ST, Vu, NV & Quigley HB 2008. Sex-biased natal dispersal and inbreeding avoidance in American black bears as revealed by spatial genetic analyses. Molecular Ecology 17: 4713-4723

Wagner AP, Frank LG, Creel S 2008.  Spatial grouping in behaviourally solitary striped hyenas (Hyaena hyaena)   Animal Behaviour 75: 1131-1142. PDF

(PDF) Liley S & Creel S 2008.  What best explains vigilance in elk: characteristics of prey, predators, or the environment? Behavioral Ecology  19: 245-254