Scott Creel Publications from 2002

Creel S & Creel NM 2002.  The African Wild Dog: Behavior, Ecology and Conservation.  Princeton University Press, Princeton. 

(PDF) Creel, S. Fox, JE, Hardy, A, Sands, J, Garrott, R, and Peterson, R. 2002.  Snowmobile activity and glucocorticoid stress responses in wild wolves and elk.  Conservation Biology 16:809-814
(Review of this work: Withgott, J. 2002. Science 296:1784-1785)

(PDF) Spong G, Creel S, Stone J & Bjorklund M. 2002 Genetic structure of a population of lions (Panthera leo): implications for the evolution of sociality. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 15(6):945-953.