Sigma Phi Epsilon:

    Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) was founded at Richmond College (now University of Richmond) in 1901 by 12 men. From there, SigEp chapters were started at various colleges and universities and eventually SigEp became one of the largest college fraternities in the country with over 240 chapters.

     What makes SigEp different from other fraternities, for starters, is that there is no pledging process for new members. The Balanced Man Program (BMP), first started in 1991, is a continuous 4-year development program that focuses on scholarship, leadership and life skills. The first three challenges, as they’re called, are based on the letters of our fraternity: Sigma, Phi and Epsilon. When a brother first joins, he is seen as no different from the rest of the fraternity; the only difference is his knowledge of the fraternity, which he learns as he progresses through each of the challenges. This keeps brothers actively involved in SigEp for their entire collegiate career, and constantly pushes each brother to challenge himself.

Montana Beta RLC Chapter 

      MT Beta RLC was originally chartered on April 22nd, 1961. Unfortunately, due to low membership the Chapter was forced to close. 
MT Beta as we know it today was started up again in 2002 and was known as Montana SEC (Sigma Epsilon Colony). In 2010, we successfully re-charted and are now known once again as MT Beta, with over 40 members currently active in the fraternity.

     MT Beta RLC continues to be a leader among fraternities here at MSU as well as nationally. Major strides in academics, brotherhood, and community and campus involvement have resulted in MT Beta RLC winning the MSU Fraternity of the Year Award two years in a row. With a 3.54 GPA in the Spring 2012 semester, MT Beta RLC not only had the highest Greek GPA at MSU but also placed in the top 10 of all SigEp chapters nationally. The brothers strive to continue this pursuit of academic excellence.

    At the 2011 Carlson Leadership Academy (CLA), MT Beta was designated as a Residential Learning Community (RLC). This designation insures that we provide the best environment for our brothers to excel in academics. As part of our RLC designation, we have set study areas, a computer and printer in the house, a projector and screen, quiet hours during dead week and finals week and two Faculty Fellows. These Faculty Fellows are MSU faculty that are available year-round to our brothers for mentoring, academic help etc. One of our Faculty Fellows, Dr. Brian Kassar, is a live-in Fellow who recently won Advisor of the Year for MSU fraternities.

    Our Lodge was built and opened in the fall of 2009. What’s unique about our Lodge is that it is not a live-in fraternity house. Instead, it is a community Lodge that our brothers can access at any time and is equipped with all the commodities of a live-in including: kitchen, weight-room, wi-fi, laundry appliances and even a 52-in HD TV. Our Lodge has also been recognized nationally by SigEp and has won Chapter Home of the Year in 2010 and 2011.