The Citizen Science and the Lewis & Clark Trail workshop was held on June 28. 
If you would like information about the projects and resources discussed, please contact Suzi Taylor with the MSU Science Math Resource Center at


Bring history, citizen science, NASA technologies and Montana water quality research to your classroom or out-of-school program as you meld the mystique of the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail with modern tools for data collection.

When Meriwether Lewis and William Clark journeyed 8,229 miles across America in the early 1800s, they used laborious and time-consuming processes to record their observations and map the region. Fast-forward 200+ years, and we now carry sophisticated tools for data collection right in our pockets!

  • Learn basic aeronautics as we observe the flight of large kites with instrument payloads for collecting data
  • Build and fly your own kid-friendly kites
  • Follow NASA procedures and protocols to develop and answer a science mission question
  • Learn how Montana researchers use remote sensing instruments, aerial photography and environmental mapping to study water quality
  • Join the GO on the Lewis & Clark Trail Citizen Science Challenge and use the GLOBE Observer app to record observations on clouds and land cover
  • Brainstorm new ways to bring all these tools and STEM concepts back to youth, including incorporating art, writing, photography, videography and Lewis & Clark history.

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This workshop was open to current Montana educators working with youth in grades 5-12 in a classroom or out-of-school environment.

Participants asked to register for the GO on the Lewis & Clark Trail Citizen Science Challenge and submit a minimum of one observation from a Montana trail site by Sept. 2, 2019 (see map) and to conduct at least one kite-flying or environmental mapping activity with youth. 

This workshop was sponsored by the NASA Aerokats and Rovers Education Network, Montana NSF EPSCoR, MSU’s National Teachers Enhancement Network, and the MSU Science Math Resource Center with support from the Montana Afterschool Alliance and the Montana Girls STEM Collaborative.

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