MSU Freshmen: are you ready for a transformational year?

The Sophomore Surge is here to help!

The Sophomore Surge is a program at MSU where incoming students will be guided and supported throughout their first year of college in order to successfully Surge into their sophomore year.

The Surge will support first-year students in their transition to college through exploration, examination, and development of their identity, interests, strengths, values, and goals.

Through Sophomore Surge the class really helped me get more acquainted and discover what the school had to offer.

Fall 2017 Freshman

First year students will participate in the Sophomore Surge through enrollment in CLS 101US or US 101US. The Surge Mentor will involve students in a combination of engagement activities while maintaining a personal, academic, and social relationship. 

Upcoming Events:

Surge Mentors can be students in their 2nd year and beyond. Look for notice about 2018-2019 Mentor applications for your chance to be the next Surge Mentor!