Completed Requests

Request Completion Date Department Description of Request Resolution SMC Approval?
CBB 224, 230 December 2017 Chemical & Biological Engineering

New hire arriving with need for lab that has hood to outside for biomass conversion chemistry

Office 224 allocated and lab 230 allocated to be shared by new faculty.

Leon Johnson 310 December 2017 Health Professional Advising

Requesting 310 to utilize as meeting room, work room, and graduate student space.

LJ 310 allocated if LJ 317 is vacated. LJ 310 proposed use as multipurpose room.

Renne 57 November 2017 SMASH Society

Student organization requesting storage space for meeting equipment used regularly in the SUB. SPM identified Renne 57 as a good temporary storage solution until space is found in SUB.

Renne 57 temporarily allocated to SMASH Society until more permanent space is found.

Renne 49, 51, 51A November 2017 Human Resources

Following HR's move to Culbertson, Renne Library will be mostly vacated except Payroll. Payroll would like to occupy 49, 51, and 51A.

Request unanimously passed. HR will consolidate to rooms 49, 51, and 51A for Payroll.

Faculty Court 23 November 2017 SPM

Request to move Water Center from FC 23 to Leon Johnson due to lack of utilization.

Request unanimously passed. Water Center will vacate FC 23. Future requests for FC23 must come before RSC and SMC.

Montana 318D, 319 November 2017 OPA

Shuffling of staff due to retired staff member and two new HR staff being moved from HR under the OPA office.

SMC decided request was informational and did not need official vote.

Reid 110 October 2017 SPM

Reid 110 is requested as the new ADA office. Space is currently being used as reading room with some storage that would need to be moved from room.

SMC approval of Reid 110 pending move of storage currently in room.

Reid 431 October 2017 Education

Reid 431 is changing use from laboratory service to office. Room will be used as office space for education graduate students.

SMC approval of Reid 431 change in use.

CFT2- 171-174 October 2017 HHD/ M&I Engineering

CFT2 rooms 171-174 have been recently vacated by past faculty. This space would place Bio-mechanics equipment from Romney and accommodate two new TT faculty from HHD.

SMC approval of CFT2 171-174 to be allocated as shared space for HHD and M&I Engineering

Hannon 191 October 2017 HHD

Hannon 191 is requested to be renovated into research lab. 191 is currently an old kitchen pantry (food facility service) no longer in use.

SMC approval for Hannon 191 to be allocated to HHD for renovation into food research lab.

CFT2- 139B, 138, 141, 142, 143 October 2017 TechLink

TechLink would like to take over space to be vacated by Miltech- CFT2 139B, 138, 141,142,143 to accommodate extensive growth in expenditures and staff.

SMC approval of TechLink to move into Miltech's space pending vacancy

1102 S. 6- Apt 4 September 2017 Health Advancement

Requesting space newly vacated near current office to expand operations due to continued growth and desire for private offices for staff to hold confidential meetings with patients. 

SMC approval of HA to move into Apt 4

Culbertson 200 September 2017 HR

To move staff of Human Resources from Renne Basement library into Culbertson 200 suite

SMC approval of HR to move temporarily to Culbertson 200. HR still needs permanent office space

Reid 437 September 2017 McNair Scholar

New hire (Scholar Support Specialist) that would need small office space or consulting room to meet with students. Prefer space on Reid 4th floor near other McNair space.

SMC approval to allocate Reid 437 with caveat that future McNair staff would need to share Reid 437

MBB 249 September 2017 LRES

Professor on sabbatical at MSU for 9-12 months needs office space near laboratory (MBB 150)

SMC approval to allocate MBB 249 temporarily to professor on sabbatical

Cheever 217/209 September 2017 College of Arts & Architecture

Renovating space in Cheever 217 to accommodate new staff by removing closet and changing kitchen (209) into office.

SMC approval to allow change of use for Cheever 217 and 209

Reid 321 August 2017 Yellowstone Public Radio

One Office space needed for new position based in Bozeman.

Reid 321 identified as temporary office space until Culbertson 335 becomes available in November 2017.

Plew Cubicle August 2017 Safety & Risk Management

Temporary cubicle in Plew building for new position: Emergency Management Coordinator. This assignment This assignment is necessary to provide new employee with training through Chris Catlett while he is working in Plew as temporary Director of Facilities.

Plew cubicle temporarily allocated until September 1st 2017.

Gaines 24 & 26 August 2017 Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences is requesting Gaines 132C (the old Chemistry Machine Shop) to be renovated into a geologic and paleontological sample preparatory room. This involves cutting, grinding, and polishing materials with machines currently in Traphagen basement. 

SMC tentative approval to allocate Gaines 24 & 26 to Earth Science for Sample prep pending estimates.

Wilson Lobby Repurpose August 2017 English 

To repurpose unused space in front of 2-176 and add furniture, electronic announcement screen, and new paint for a student lobby.

SMC approval to allow repurpose of lobby area in front of Wilson 2-176.

Gaines 110/118 June 2017 Modern Languages Request

Phase 1: To add kitchenette space to Gaines 118 Phase 2: To redesign classroom 110 to accommodate 3 extra NTT's while still preserving 34 capacity.

SMC approval of phase 1 to add kitchenette to 118. Phase 2 to return to SMC for approval at later date.

Reid 404 June 2017 Space Planning & Management

Request to temporarily allocate Reid 404 as an ADA office to staff member with immediate ADA need.

SMC approval to allocate Reid 404 as staff ADA needs.

Swingle 210/ 211 June 2017 Counseling & Psychological Services

Renovate Health Advancement’s old space in Swingle to add two more offices, and a shared work space with three workstations. Office space is needed for 5 new counselors under Counseling and Psychological Services.

SMC approval to renovate Swingle 210/211 to create two more offices.

Barnard 127 Repurpose June 2017 Extended University

Reconfigure department controlled classroom into multi-use room that includes video conferencing, faculty training, media development/design, and lecture capture recordings.

SMC approval to repurpose Barnard 127

LJ 319- WLP Relocation June 2017 College of Letters & Science

The Center for Western Lands and People (received center status by BOR in March) needs space to begin operations. Request by CLS to use Leon Johnson suite 319 as a shared center space for Center for Western Lands and People, Wheeler Center, and Program in American Studies.

SMC approval to allocate Leon Johnson 319 suite to WLP relocation in November 2017

Provost- NWCCU June 2017  

Work Room needed to process the documents associated with the NWCCU Accreditation. Temporary space for 10 people to work on accreditation through Fall- JJCBE 426/430 identified

SMC approval to allocate JJCBE 426/430 until Fall Semester

Nopper- Miltech May 2017  

Miltech relocating lab/office space to 

SMC approval to move Miltech operations to Nopper

AJMJ 253 Laser Lab May 2017  

Program sharing space with optics lab in Barnard Hall but need more space to accommodate high-powered laser lab.

SMC approval to utilize AJMJ 253 in the short term until larger space is found.

51A Renne Hoteling May 2017  

Space originally requested by UIT for hoteling.

SMC approved 51A Renne for shared hoteling space to be utilized by all of campus.

Library HR Temporary Space March 2017  

Immediate space need due to health emergency. HR needed space in interim due to gasses in Nopper building affecting staff.

Located to Renne Basement temporarily until June 2017

Yes, following move. No President Approval
Space Planning & Management February 2017  

To approve space in Plew Building for new Office of Planning & Management

Committee approved Plew Room 113 and adjacent cubicle

Yes, President Approval March 2017
Planning and Analysis February 2017  

To relocate individual utilizing OPA main office space and convert space to meeting area

Individual relocated to MT 106

Yes, President Approval March 2017
Center for Faculty Excellence  February 2017  

To relocate several individuals in various locations to more central CFE space. 

1 invidual relocated from MT 316 to MT 106. 1 individual relocated from LJ 310 to MT 316 and 1 individual located from MT 106 to MT 201 temporarily.

Yes, President Approval March 2017
Health Advancement January 2017   Original space in Swingle needed for counseling, Health Advancement needs new space for Insight and Counseling Allocated 1102 S. 6th first floor and 1106 S. 6th main floor  Yes, President Approval Feb 2017
Wheeler Center Relocation January 2017   Wheeler Center needed to be allocated temporary space to make room for Health Advancement. Temporarily allocated Culbertson 335 No