The Space Management Committee reviews and updates the MSU Space Policies, Principles and Procedures, Research Guidelines and Space Standards every three years. The documents are intended to aid in the planning, allocation, and management of campus space in establishing equitable, consistent, efficient and flexible planning parameters for making sound management decisions regarding space allocation for both new construction and building renewal and renovation.

SMC Agendas and Requests

2017 Agendas and Completed Requests

2018 Completed Requests

2019 Completed Requests


Open Space Requests

Department  Requester Request Type Description Date  to Occupy Justification of Need RSC? Other Info
Human Resources Stephanie Pressly New Space office space for three HR employees 5/16/2019 Three HR staff members need space near campus core to better serve their client√®le     
Ecology Colin Shaw New Space An office is needed for an one year period to house  Program Coordinator 4/1/2019 Space needed for this position to coordinate the 2020 National Conference on Undergraduate Research No  
Nursing Martha Peters Change of use There is an accodion wall between Rooms 118 and 119 and there is need of another office. Would like a permanent wall built between these two rooms. TBD New employees  No  
Office or Institutional Equity Emily Stark new space OIE will exchange space in Hamilton Hall for space occupied by ORC in Montana Hall TBD The space in Montana Hall better fits the needs of OIE with private office space that they lack in Hamilton Hall    

Jeff Heys

Change of Use Moving lab an office space between Chemistry/Biochemsistry and Cobleigh Hall 5/1/2019 Consolidation of lab space. Increase collaboration between researchers Yes  
Yellowstone Public Radio

Kurt Wilson

New Space Office Space in Culbertons 339 2/11/2019 Bozeman office needed for reporters No  

Brian Rossman

Change of Use Remodel Renne 134 7/1/2019 Update space to facilitate a better teamwork culture  No Existing space and lighting is not conducive to interfacing with the public
Property Management

Laura Humberger

New Space Property Management would like to stay in the Rooms 51 and 51A in Renne 11/27/2018 Property Management was displaced from Montana Hall due to renovations and was temporarily placed in 51 Renne No 1102 S 11th was considered as a permenent relocation.
Universtiy Health Partners

Marci Torres, Betsy Asserson

New Space VOICE/CPS is looking for space with multiple private offices 12/1/2019 Counseling Services needs office space to meet with patients in a confidential setting No Currently in small space on SUB 3rd floor
Landscape Architecture

Jennifer Britton, Charles Boyer

Additional Square Footage Office and breakout space needed for NTT faculty  TBD Landscape Design has recently hired new NTT faculty  No  

Yves Idzerda, Bridget Kevane

Additional space  Physics Grad students need additional office space TBD Current space in Barnard 323, 324 & 338 is inadiquate.  No  

Diane Debinski, Bridget Kevane

Additional SqFt, Space for Research Need for new lab space for prospective hire TBD Ecology needs more lab space for new reasearch/teaching faculty Yes  

Sara Branco, Mark Jutila

Chance in use Change server room LJ 318 into office space TBD Microbiology needs non lab office space for graduate researchers.  Yes  
Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering

Brett Gunnink

Change in Use Change classroom 149 into Cave lab for Spring 2019. 1/1/2019 Cave lab will be an innovative, interdisciplinary use of space to celebrate NAH opening No  
Writing Center

Michelle Miley

Additional SqFt Find additional space to accommodate growth. 8/1/2019 Writing center has seen extensive growth and needs additional space to expand No  
OIP: Study Abroad

Susan Welker

Approved By: Miley Gonzalez

Move office to new location Move OIP study abroad advising to SUB 175 8/20/2018 Space in SUB will allow OIP to begin the process of moving to a student centered building No Part 3 in 3 part move request
Office of Sustainability

Kristin Blackler

Approved By: Chris Kearns

Move office to new location Move Office of Sustainability from SUB 175 to SUB 280 and 284 8/20/2018 Space on the second floor of the SUB is fitting for Sustainability and opens up room for OIP to move into SUB No Part 2 in 3 part move request
Division of Student Success

Judi Haskins

Approved By: Chris Kearns

Move office to new location Move Sophomore Surge program from SUB 184 to Renne 217 8/20/2018 Space in Library will be central to student centered building No Part 1 in 3 part move request
University Services

John How

Approved By: Dan Stevenson

Change in Use 3 Phase project- Phase 1: Move E-scrap and expand storage space with Conex, Phase 2: Renovate old E-scrap to accommodate new bathrooms Phase 3: Renovate old bathroom space into workstations 7/2/2018 Poor condition of bathrooms, Space for new hires, Limited Conference Space No  
Earth Sciences

Mary Hubbard

Change in Use Subdivide an office space into part private office, part lab 8/29/2018 New Hire ?  

Bridget Kevane

Approved By: Dean Nicol Rae

One private office. New director of Woman, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is currently NTT and does not have office. 8/16/2018 Wilson Hall does not have any known open offices.    Requesting LJ 317
Mech & Industrial Engineering

Kevin Amende

Space for research High bay space (15ft) requested for research in high altitude gas testing. 2/1/2018 No space in current allocation has high bay space Yes  
College of Arts & Architecture

Dean Royce Smith

Central Gallery Space Repurposing storage room into an innovative exhibition space to showcase works by MSU Faculty, Students, and Alumni. Exhibit would also be open to the public. Space used for art shows, master classes, demonstrations, and display-oriented activites. 1/1/2018 College of Arts & Architecture has limited gallery exhibition space on campus. This space coincides with the MSU ArtsPark and MSU's strategic plan which encourages display of creative endeavors. No Multiple requesters for this space

Yves Idzerda

Instructional Lab Space New Physics lab space with group tables, white boards, and electrical outlets. 8/1/2018 Physics 3 class labs (AJMJ 137,138, 146) are out completely full 8am-7pm and Physics needs to add a new class section Fall 2018. N/A  
University Police

Mike Stanley

5 Offices with 2-3 dedicated parking spaces Conference Room

MSU and City of Bozeman are forming new joint SVU and bringing in 4-5 staff members. Requesting space in CFT2, CFT5, or Culbertson. 9/1/2017 New hires and limited available space in Huffman  No Reviewing Faculty Court 23 and 25
Plant Science & Plant Pathology

Kevin McPhee

Approved By: John Sherwood

Seed processing lab work space Area 600 square feet or larger. Seed cleaning will generate dust requiring a controlled ventilation room for safety. 3/1/2017 New Pulse Crop Breeding program requires space to store seed both short and long term. Seed samples must be prepared for planting and post harvest. Yes Linfield Garage
Office of International Programs

David DiMaria

Approved By:
Provost Mokwa
Long-term space for operations in central campus OIP would like operations to move to a central office location in central campus area 5/1/2017- 8/1/2017 18 workstations must be accommodated and can be separated based on teams.    
 Human Resources

Cathy Hasenpflug

Approved By:
Terry Leist 
Long-term office space for central HR function

Office space for 27+ staff and filing cabinets/ personnel records.

(Operations in temporary space with lease ending in June 2017)

6/1/2017 HR was removed from Nopper building due to chemical fume disruption. Long-term space needed.    Moved to Renne/Culb 200 Temp.
Human Resources Betsy Webb

Dedicated Training Space for 50+

Space dedicated for employee development programs. Capacity of 50. Seats around round tables, projector, smart podium, white boards, storage, possible adjacent admin space.

7/1/2017 Consistent need for a dedicated space to offer employee development programs. Significant amounts of time are spent finding space and preparing to use spaces that could be used more effectively and efficiently to provide training services.    
University Comm.

Tracy Ellig

Approved By:
Tracy Ellig
New home for University Comm. Office space above ground with space for conference room, private offices, photo studio space, and supply storage. 27+ Staff Flexible University Communications is running out of room on the 4th floor of Culbertson. Space in Culbertson could be better used as faculty offices. Communications has limited interaction with students and is willing to move off campus.   Culb 418-439 would be vacated
Gallatin College School of Interior Design

Teresa Slye

Approved By:
Bob Hietala
Dedicated classroom space for design studio classroom Design studio space for 24 students at a time to work, creating projects. Storage space for materials would also be needed. 8/7/2017 Current space could potentially be reallocated if Romney Hall Renovations take place. GCID would like a dedicated space to accommodate their program in the event of this construction.    

Kenning Arlitsch

Approved By:
Kenning Arlitsch
Compact shelving space and processing space for archival collections Requesting Renne Library basement space to move library stacks to accommodate future renovation (Library Master Plan) as well as an archival processing space. 1/1/2017

1. Move collections from Renne 2 & 3 to basement. Stacks need basement level due to load weight


2.Would like archival processing space for recently acquired Conrad Burns collection.

Institutional Equity Jyl Shaffer Office and Cubicle space for dept Private/confidential space in campus core area 6/3/2016 High profile operation that has outgrown space and is acquiring additional hires.   Vacate Hamilton 114, 116,118
Testing Services Mary Kate McCarney 1-2 Offices in Renne Library Need space for two personnel (Director/Staff) that are approved to begin hiring pending office space. 2/2/2016 Testing services continues to expand operations with increased usage. Staff and administrative space are needed in order to hire more personnel to help with increase work load.