The Space Management Committee reviews and updates the MSU Space Policies, Principles and Procedures, Research Guidelines and Space Standards every three years. The documents are intended to aid in the planning, allocation, and management of campus space in establishing equitable, consistent, efficient and flexible planning parameters for making sound management decisions regarding space allocation for both new construction and building renewal and renovation.

SMC Agendas and Requests

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Open Space Requests

Department  Requester Request Type Description Date  to Occupy Justification of Need RSC? Other Info
Office of Research Compliance

Kirk Lubick

Additional Office Space We just moved over to Hamilton Hall from Montana Hall and we lost a significant amount of office space. TBD Currently we have four offices, with 6 people and no central office space for general office items. We need to relocate our IRB coordinator from HSB to Hamilton and will need additional space.    

Garrett Moraski

Approved by:

Joan Broderick, Dept Head

 Lab Space  My research is synthetic (organic) chemistry to prepare bio-active compounds--this is toxic, dangerous and hazardous work. It requires chemical fume hoods with at least one hood per FTE (I have 2.5 FTEs and want to hire an additional 1-1.5FTE by December 2019). I currently have access to ~3/4 of lab 308 CBB (That is 3 of 4 hoods in that lab). The remaining ~1/4 of the lab (ie. 1 hood plus >1/4 of counter and lab space) is occupied by Prof. Tom Livinghouse. Ideally, access to all of 308 and its 4 hoods (and associated lab space) would be my preferred situation as it would provide contiguous space especially as 2FTE's are corporate funded (Hsiri Therapeutics) and comes with special intellectual property issues (see, Nick Zelver in Tech Transfer).  TBD  I have 2 NIH grants on the development of novel antibacterial agents which supports me and undergraduate researchers as synthetic chemists for 3 and 4 years, respectively. In addition, I have corporate funding that support the synthesis of anti-tuberculosis compounds which are covered in patents licensed from Hsiri Therapeutics from MSU, this covers 1 FTE. I am currently renewing the contract with Hsiri Therapeutics (~$300K for 2020) and would like to hire an additional 1 - 1.5 FTE for 2020 with renewal thereafter for 2-4 years depending on progress. As mentioned above, I am currently working within shared lab space (308 CBB) so one option would relocate Dr. Livinghouse's one student freeing up that chemical hood and lab space to house 3 FTE's, 1 (shared) graduate student and on average 2 undergraduate students. Alternatively, I could take up space in 328 which is currently vacant but might cause additional IP issues with the funding source. I am very willing to work with the department chair to resolve my space concerns. I would also like to mention that I do not have an office rather reside within my student office space.    

Anja Kunze


Office space adjacent to lab I am the P.I. of the Kunze Lab (TT Faculty). My lab currently houses a 690 sqft lab space in CBB 324 classified as BSL-2. By this summer, my lab comprises 4 graduate students, 2 REU students, 2 INBRE students who are sharing desks in a 180 sqft office space. My lab is funded through an NSF CAREER and a TEER grant. My office, however, is located more than a 5 min walk away from my lab space in COBH 509, which makes it very difficult to supervise these eight students effectively, providing training, supervising experiments at the wet bench, and reacting in a timely manner (less than 5 min!) to safety concerns. TBD I am requesting an office space in CBB to be closely located to my research lab and research group. The office is required to meet with students to brainstorm on their research ideas and progress. Students need a room where they can freely talk to me and express their concerns regarding their personal development, and regarding group dynamics in the lab. The NACOE has invested in a renovation project in CBB 324 of about $130,000 including the installation of an externally vented biosafety cabinet to fulfill safety requirements necessary for our research.   The ECE Department has already provided addtn'l office space for my students. This space, however, is located in COBH which is again 5 min away from the place where we do the experiments and can therefore only be used for computational work (1 student).

Ecology Diane Debinski New Space Large fish collection stored in alcohol in the Vertebrate Museum in Lewis Hall that is a fire hazard.    Because Lewis Hall has no sprinkler system on the 4th floor and no fire proof cabinets or other protective measures, the limit is a maximum allowable quantity of 15 gallons of alcohol. Fire proof cabinets cannot fit into the museum. As such, for safety reasons, there is a  need to move the majority of fish collection to another location.    

John How

Approved By: Dan Stevenson

Renovation/Refurbishment Construct new bathrooms and renovate existing bathroom with shower fixture. Possibly relocate electrical panel. Add sink and breakfast bar for small electrical appliances (microwave, toaster, etc). TBD No bathrooms in the e-scrap area No  

Mark Jutila

Approved By: DH, Dean, VPR, Provost

Additional Space or Relocation New Faculty member; requires research space.  One possibility is LJH 641, but need common lab space for equipment currently in 641 and used by two MBI faculty members.  Also, are there other lab options available on campus? TBD Look at 6th floor LJH. One possibility is LJH 641, but need common lab space for equipment currently in 641 and used by two MBI faculty members.  Also, are there other lab options available on campus?    
Civil Engineering

Craig Woolard

Change in use The new Environmental Engineering UG program will require the CE department's existing environmental engineering research lab be converted to a teaching lab. That research space for existing faculty, as well as research space for our new environmental engineering hire, will need to be provided. TBD Faculty are currently sharing research space. The new environmental engineering undergraduate program and its required teaching lab space makes new research space necessary    

Nick Childs

Approved By: Yves Idzerda

Renovation/Refurbishment Space for growing peer mentoring program for students taking PHSX 205, 207, 220, 222. This request is for the addition of a clear wall to create an isolated space in the SE corner of the 2nd floor of Barnard Hall adjacent to room 254. Other minor and low cost renovations/refurbishments would greatly improve the aesthetics of the area.  TBD In the Fall of 2018 Barnard Hall 252 was occupied with mentoring groups 78% of the hours between 8 am and 5 pm. During the Spring of 2019 the program expanded to support PHSX 207 and PHSX 222 and now acts as a resource for twice as many students that it did in the Fall. As a 8' x 16' converted closet without windows Barnard Hall 252 was an insufficient space that limited the amount of group times that could be offered to begin with. During the spring of 2019, with twice the number of students and a growing awareness from students, the demand for the program from students cannot be met with our current space. This problem is expected to progressively get worse as student awareness and enrollment continues to grow. No  

Carina Beck

Additional Space or Relocation When the Hilleman Scholars Program was conceived and implemented, space allocation was not factored into the start-up plan.  Now, as we prepared to welcome our fourth cohort to MSU, we need an official home for the program that includes office space, meeting, tutoring and instruction space for the scholars.

The Hilleman Scholars Program is physically located in shared space the AYCSS (SUB 177)
When funding identified We have housed the MSU Hilleman Scholar Program in the AYCSS for three years.  As the program continues to grow (both with scholars and staff), we are requesting permanent space to support the current and future objectives of the program. No Tabled until funding has been identified for the project.
Counseling & Psychological Services

Betsy Asserson

Approved by: Chris Kearns

Additional Office Space Counseling Services needs office space to meet with patients in a confidential setting. VOICE/CPS is looking for space with multiple private offices. July 2019 CPS continues to see an increase in demand for clinical services and the need for additional staff. During fall semester 2018, CPS saw a 15% increase in clients compared to last year. There are currently 5.0FTE (9 staff members) who do not have an office at CPS. Every available space has been converted to an office. Additionally, there will be an additional staff member hired for Fall 19. CPS is requesting space that includes 4-7 private and confidential offices that are near each other, as well as a private waiting area.We have converted all closets and extra spaces to offices within CPS and Medical Services. Additionally, we utilize satellite space in South Hedges and Veteran's Services to deal with the lack of space at CPS, but we are in need of further space in order to accommodate the needs of students seeking mental health services.   4 offices and a waiting room/group meeting room allocated to CPS in Culbertson; rooms 434, 438, 435, 437, 439. This is a temporary solution as Culbertson is far removed from the rest of CPS and they deal with high risk clients. SPM will continue to look for a more appropriate solution to meet the client's needs.

Diane Debinski

Office space and lab needed for new hire The Ecology Dept. has been approved to search for a new faculty member in Plant Physiological Ecology. This new faculty member will need a wet lab in AJMJ as well as an office. We previously identified Room 215 as a potential office and discussed this with Hailey Muller and John How. We do not have a room in mind for a lab space, but would like to be able to show interview candidates possible lab space in Jan. 2019. Start of Fall 2019 term A new Ecology faculty hire has been approved and there are no free lab spaces available for them to use. All lab spaces associated with Ecology are currently being used, and many labs are already used by more than one faculty member in Ecology.   We previously identified Room 215 as a potential office and discussed this with Hailey Muller and John How. We do not have a room in mind for a lab space, but would like to be able to show interview candidates possible lab space in Jan. 2019.
Landscape Architecture

Jennifer Britton, Charles Boyer

Additional Square Footage Office and breakout space needed for NTT faculty  TBD Landscape Design has recently hired new NTT faculty  No  

Yves Idzerda, Bridget Kevane

Additional space  Physics Grad students need additional office space TBD Current space in Barnard 323, 324 & 338 is inadequate.  No  

Diane Debinski, Bridget Kevane

Additional SqFt, Space for Research Need for new lab space for prospective hire TBD Ecology needs more lab space for new research/teaching faculty Yes  
Mech & Industrial Engineering

Kevin Amende

Space for research High bay space (15ft) requested for research in high altitude gas testing. 2/1/2018 No space in current allocation has high bay space Yes  
College of Arts & Architecture

Dean Royce Smith

Central Gallery Space Repurposing storage room into an innovative exhibition space to showcase works by MSU Faculty, Students, and Alumni. Exhibit would also be open to the public. Space used for art shows, master classes, demonstrations, and display-oriented activities. 1/1/2018 CAA has limited gallery exhibition space on campus. This space coincides with the MSU ArtsPark and MSU's strategic plan which encourages display of creative endeavors. No Multiple requesters for this space

Yves Idzerda

Instructional Lab Space New Physics lab space with group tables, white boards, and electrical outlets. 8/1/2018 Physics 3 class labs (AJMJ 137,138, 146) are out completely full 8am-7pm and Physics needs to add a new class section Fall 2018. N/A  
University Police

Mike Stanley

5 Offices with 2-3 dedicated parking spaces Conference Room

MSU and City of Bozeman are forming new joint SVU and bringing in 4-5 staff members. Requesting space in CFT2, CFT5, or Culbertson. 9/1/2017 New hires and limited available space in Huffman  No Reviewing Faculty Court 23 and 25
Plant Science & Plant Pathology

Kevin McPhee

Approved By: John Sherwood

Seed processing lab work space Area 600 square feet or larger. Seed cleaning will generate dust requiring a controlled ventilation room for safety. 3/1/2017 New Pulse Crop Breeding program requires space to store seed both short and long term. Seed samples must be prepared for planting and post harvest. Yes Linfield Garage
Office of International Programs

David DiMaria

Approved By:
Provost Mokwa
Long-term space for operations in central campus OIP would like operations to move to a central office location in central campus area 5/1/2017- 8/1/2017 18 workstations must be accommodated and can be separated based on teams.    
Human Resources Betsy Webb

Dedicated Training Space for 50+

Space dedicated for employee development programs. Capacity of 50. Seats around round tables, projector, smart podium, white boards, storage, possible adjacent admin space.

7/1/2017 Consistent need for a dedicated space to offer employee development programs. Significant amounts of time are spent finding space and preparing to use spaces that could be used more effectively and efficiently to provide training services.