October Requests

Request Description Department/ Requester Request Type Description of Request
CFT2: TechLink


Jeanne Wilkinson

Additional office space that has been recently vacated.

MilTech will be vacating several offices in CFT2 (139B, 138, 141,142,143) due to their move to Nopper. TechLink is requesting this space to accommodate their departments growth.

Hannon 191


Deborah Haynes

Change in use from kitchen pantry (food facility service) to Research Lab Requesting Hannon 191 to be renovated into research lab. 191 is currently an old kitchen pantry (food facility service) no longer in use. New faculty member needs space for research and must have lab with specific controls for food safety.
CFT2: HHD and M&I Eng

HHD/ Mech & Ind Engineering

Dan Miller

Two labs in CFT2 that have been recently vacated. Two new faculty members are developing emerging research in bio-mechanics requiring new space. Two labs (CFT2 173 and 174) were recently vacated and could accommodate Bio-mechanics equipment that is currently in Romney. This space would be interdisciplinary for both HHD and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.
Faculty Court 23- WC

Water Center


To move current department (Water Center) from building and accommodate single staff member in Culbertson Office. Faculty Court 23 has limited use due to faculty members with multiple offices. Space is used by one person who will be accommodated in Culbertson office.
Faculty Court 23- University Police

University Police

Amy Ross

To allocate Faculty Court 23 to the new joint SVU unit following Water Centers move. Bozeman Police and University Police are creating a new SVU joint unit and need space close to campus to accommodate 5 staff.
Reid 431


Hannah Thorne

Change in use from class lab service to office. Reid 431 is being renovated to accommodate Department of Education's graduate students. 
Reid 110: ADA Office


John How

To officially declare Reid 110 as an ADA Office to be used on as-need basis by MSU Faculty and Staff. Reid 110 is currently a largely unused office space with some storage that could accommodate ADA needs.
SMC October Agenda