Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

Although not specifically required by OSHA, MSU began a Public Access Defibrillator Program in the fall of 2004. MSU started the Public Access Defibrillator Program because of due diligence and the expectation an organization MSU's size would have AED's available to the public. MSU currently has approximately 60 AED's located throughout campus. Many of the AED purchases were included in the costs of new building construction, or major renovations on campus. AED's located at each of the 8 MSU Ag-Stations were funded through grants.

There have been 2 "saves" on the MSU Campus with AED's. Both occurred at the Hosaeus Health and Recreation Center. One save was in 2005, the other occurred in 2006. Because there are continuing on-going maintenance and replacement costs with each AED we are now at a point where we need to look at each additional request for an AED individually. A few of the things we consider when placing an AED are, building population, high risk activities, athletic activities, or near energized electrical circuits, more than a 3 minute response time for an AED to arrive from Police or EMS.

Please contact us at 994-7597 if you would like to make a request.

Important: After an AED has been used and emergency services have been called, please call SRM (994-7597) and additionally complete this form.

  • Review when and how to use an AED with these tools from the American Red Cross.
  • Take a First Aid, CPR, and/or AED class through SRM – see our trainings.

AED Locations - 08/25/2015

View MSU AED Locations in a larger map.

  Building/Vehicle Location AED
1 MSU Police Patrol Car   Heartsine 300
2 MSU Police Patrol Car   Heartsine 300
3 MSU Police Patrol Car   Heartsine 300
4 MSU Police Patrol Car   Heartsine 300
5 MSU Police Patrol Car   Heartsine 300
6 MSU Police Patrol Car   Heartsine 300
7 MSU Police Patrol Car   Powerheart G3
8 MSU Police Detective Cars   Lifepak 500
9 MSU Police Detective Cars   Lifepak 500
10 MSU Police Detective Cars   Lifepak 500
11 MSU Police Detective Cars   Lifepak 500
12 New Chemistry Building    West Wing Level 3 Medtronic CR+
13 New Chemistry Building    West Wing Level 2 Medtronic CR+
14 New Chemistry Building    West Wing Level 1 Medtronic CR+
15 New Chemistry Building    West Wing Lower Level Medtronic CR+
16 Hosaeus Fitness & Rec. Center Main Entrance Lifepak 500
17 Hosaeus Fitness & Rec. Center Upper Weight Room - West Powerheart G3
18 Hosaeus Fitness & Rec. Center Shroyer Gym Lifepak 500
19 Hosaeus Fitness & Rec. Center Pool Office Powerheart G3
20 Hosaeus Fitness & Rec. Center Intramural Office Powerheart G3
21 Montana Hall 2nd floor –West Medtronic CR+
22 Safety & Risk Management Main Office Lifepak 500
23 Jutila Research Lab Lockout west side Lifepak 500
24 Museum of the Rockies Near Fire Alarm Panel Powerheart G3
25 Student Health Center Acute Care Area Powerheart G3
26 SUB Entrance to Ballrooms Powerheart G3
27 SUB Entrance to Theater Powerheart G3
28 SUB Food Court - Lower Level Powerheart G3
29 BART  Farm Shop Hallway to shop Powerheart G3
30 Plew Building Planning Dept. entrance Powerheart G3
31 Black Box Theater (Vis-Com bldg.) Main Entrance - south wall Powerheart G3
32 Johnson Family Livestock Fac. East Entrance Powerheart G3
33 Campus Stores Main Entrance – east wall Powerheart G3
34 Foundation Building West Entrance – south wall Powerheart G3
35 Renne Library South of elevator Powerheart G3
36 Hamilton Hall Ground level south wall Powerheart G3
37 Animal Bioscience Building Ground level south wall Powerheart G3
38 Forestry Sciences Building Main Hallway Phillips Heartstart
39 Gaines Hall Main Lobby Powerheart G3
40 Marsh Lab South Main Lobby SAM300P
41 Reid Hall 2nd Level north stairs Powerheart G3
42 Culbertson Hall 1st level near Post Office Powerheart G3
43 Howard Hall Outside Recital Hall Powerheart G3
44 Miller Pavilion Above east bleacher Powerheart G3
45 E.P.S. 1st level near elevator Powerheart G3
46 Extension Service Weatherization Center East Frontage Road Powerheart G3
47 Teitz Hall Foyer Foyer between Teitz, Lewis, Cooley Powerheart G3
48 Leon Johnson Hall 3rd Floor Main Lobby, East Wall SAM 300P
49 South Linfield Hall Ground Level on East Side of Elevator SAM 300P
50 Romney Gym 2nd Floor, Main Hallway Powerheart G3
51 Herrick Hall Ground Level, main hallway, south end Powerheart G3
52 Jake Jabs College of Business Ground floor at east entrance Powerheart G3
53 Gallatin College - East Frontage Road Suite B, Second Floor, adjacent to large classroom Powerheart G3
54 Brick Breeden Fieldhouse Main Floor, North West side adjacent to the drinking fountains Powerheart G3
55 Brick Breeden Fieldhouse Main floor, East side near overhead doors Powerheart G3
56 Bobcat Stadium (Football) 2nd Level Corporate Room near elevator Powerheart G3
57 Bobcat Stadium (Football) 3rd Level Club near middle exits

Powerheart G3

58 Anna Pearl Sherrick Hall East Building, Ground Floor Lobby, North West Corner Powerheart G3
59 Alumni Foundation Office - Nopper Building - 910 Technology Blvd Building 910, Main Lobby, East Wall

Powerheart G3

60 Miller Dining Hall Second Level, top of north stairs, inside Dining Hall

Powerheart G3