Fire Code Inspections are conducted under the provisions and authority of Section 104 of the International Fire Code.  Fire Code Inspections are conducted regularly, on approximately an 18 month interval, for each building on campus.  Fire Code Inspections are conducted by a team, made up of individuals from Bozeman Fire Department, MSU Safety & Risk Management and MSU Facility Services.

The Inspection is conducted to accomplish two major objectives.  The first objective is to identify any Fire Code violations that exist in the building.  The second objective of the inspection is to familiarize the Bozeman Fire Department with the interior of the building being inspected; to help them identify locations of hazardous chemicals, potential biological hazards or other issues that might pose a threat to life & limb during an actual fire.  The inspection process also allows firefighters to become familiar with fire/life safety systems within the building, such as fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems.

Prior to a Fire Code Inspection being conducted in any campus building, lengthy advance notice is provided to the Building Supervisor, indicating the time/date of the upcoming inspection.  Immediately following the inspection, the Building Supervisor is provided an electronic copy of the full inspection report.