Ethidium Bromide is commonly used in molecular biology electrophoresis gels. While Ethidium Bromide is not regulated as hazardous waste, the mutagenic properties of this substance may pose a hazard. 


Based on these considerations, the proper method for disposal, at MSU, is to complete a Hazardous Waste Pickup Request Form:


Prior to Safety & Risk Management picking up the materials, gels need to be dried and completely void of free liquid, and placed in a sealed bag or container that is labeled “Ethidium Bromide Waste”.


Gloves, test tubes, paper towels, etc., that are grossly contaminated with Ethidium Bromide shall also be placed in a sealed bag and labeled “Ethidium Bromide Waste”.


If you have any questions about disposal of Ethidium Bromide, please contact the Hazardous Materials Manager at 994-7803 or Chemical Safety Officer at 994-7760.